Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Make the Family Holidays a Little More Affordable

At the mention of the words ‘family holiday’ some people coil and just imagine the gross expenditure they may incur. Well, put a smile on that face because there are great ways to treat your loved ones to fantastic family holidays  without plundering those precious savings.
Get City Passes

Take your family to this world famous city and explore the city without spending much. Unbelievable but certainly true, you can enjoy some of the Big Apples’ top attraction at absolutely no cost. You can enjoy a sumptuous picnic at the Central Park or witness the spectacular views of Manhattan while on board of the Staten Island ferry which takes you the Staten Island free of charge.

Get a New York City pass that will guarantee you free access to the best attractions in the city and save you time as you will escape the long queues and reduce bus fares; you hop on and off buses at your own pleasure. You can visit the Ripley’s Believe it or Not NYC and watch the excitement on your family as the get amazed by the more than twenty galleries of interactive and archival exhibits. Other places included in the pass are: the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock and most museums. You will be saving a huge chunk on gate prices with a NYC pass.

The Paris City Pass will allow you to affordably explore the most expensive European cities to visit, full of luxury and high end designers. You need not to worry as you can tour the dazzling city of lights together with your family without spending a fortune.

Paris is the most walk able of cities. All you need is arm your family with good walking shoes and venture into discovering the marvelous neighborhoods of Paris: from the posh Louvre Tuileries to the two natural islands on the Seine River.

Take advantage of the Paris Visite Pass which gives you an unlimited access to use the Metro, tramways and regional trains. Not only do you get to enjoy rides across Paris but you also get discounts on several museums, restaurants and some attractions. This pass enables you to take your children to the Disneyland Paris to enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

Get Family Travel Insurance

In as much as you want to minimize on your expenditure and have fun with your family, getting a good family travel insurance policy will give you peace of mind in case anything should happen while abroad. This covers ensure that your medical expenses are covered especially if the children get injured or suffer illness abroad.

A good insurance policy not only ensures medical assistance and even airlifting but also ensures that you can lay claim even on stolen or lost valuables such as cameras, laptops and phones. If the airlines fail while you have already booked your holiday you will be refunded and will have nothing to lose.

In short insurance policy ensures that you spend quality time with your family without worrying about the might’s and might not’s. In the unlikely case that the might not’s do happen, a good insurance cover will make sure that your savings are not obliterated catering for emergencies.


  1. love the joyful picture of the 4 of you Rose, an excellent picture of family enjoying their vacation fully

  2. We always save by scoping out deals like this. Travel insurance saved us one year when we got sick and could not enjoy the trip. Great tips.

  3. The family can still have fun together without expending too much. A picnic would be a great family bonding as well.

  4. you travel alot is thee any good tour companies out there that you recommend I would love to take son to more places but don't drive

  5. That is a great picture of your family! We love taking trips as a family and saving money is an important part of our trips!

  6. Family fun should always matters on not how much you spend, but how the bonds gets tighter. everyone have fun and everyone loves everything. this is a great idea to share.

  7. I love that I enjoy walking around Paris when I was there, taxi cab are super expensive.

  8. Going to places with lots of scenic places is great. I don't like expensive theme parks.



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