Monday, April 29, 2013

Flag Represents Camaraderie

4 x 6" USA Stick FlagsFlags are flown in front of businesses in the United States every day. There are state and local flags along with the American flag that are flown from courthouses and schools. The flag is used to symbolize solidarity and union of people in a common cause. The flag represents camaraderie and is used to bring people together. It can be a flag that represents an entire state or a small group of people who unite under a common set of ideas, like a group of kids at summer camp. The flag is used to demonstrate power by marching in with military forces allowing both friend and foe to recognize the troops. It can be used as a memorial for groups or individuals. There are flags to honor war heroes and prisoners. There are flags for boats and vehicles, as well as flags for racing and your favorite sports team. People use flags as a way of communicating with others. 

The display of a flag is done to show their pride in the subject of the flag, and it brings interested parties together to talk about what the flag represents. Flag Day is a national holiday in the United States where the American flag is flown along the curbs of the major city streets in an effort to remind people that freedom is not cheap. The oldest flag making company, Annin flags  has been creating flags for all occasions since 1847. This was only 70 years after the first United States flag was created and flown. They are still flying high. 

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