Friday, April 5, 2013


Being a woman isn't easy.  You have to  go through monthly changes in your  body, it's even worse when it is coupled with dysmenorrhea arrrggghh.  Sometimes, I only have abdominal cramps  but  most of the time it is paired with an excruciating migraine.  I just want to crawl into a cave and stay there until the pain is gone.  
Dysmenorrhea, according to Wikipedia, is a gynecological medical condition of pain during menstruation that interferes daily activities.  

It hurts.....


  1. Sure hope you feel better. Beautiful picture!

  2. I have been there and don't wish it on anyone! I was researching some herbs for it for a friend the other day. Two I remember. are crampbark and clover.
    Feel better soon!

  3. Sorry some women has a worse time than others. At my age, not a problem anymore. You will survive with rest.

  4. ayay, lady in red strikes again...ehehhe...drink some beer sis!

  5. I often hear a lot about Dysmenorrhea when I still working in the Philippines. It's too common to women but men doesn't really know how it feels.

  6. Sis Rose, hope you feel better now :-) I hate being a woman too and go through all this monthly pain :-( why can't we just enjoy our period without having cramps and dysmenorrhea :-(

  7. I get those every month. So far advil still works for me.

  8. Do you go through it too? Geezzz! I'm not alone then. After i gave birth the dysmenorrhea eases its pain but before i'm married i faint and i turn purple from pain. I found out that i have fibroid when i got pregnant through an ultrasound and that's what causing the pain.

  9. It's my daughter's problem too, everytime! I just give her hot compress to lessen the pain.

    The ordeal of being a woman!

    Have a blessed Sunday, Rose!

  10. Oh dear I am so sorry about that mommy. I know how it feels as I too experience having menstrual cramps. Lately though it hasn't been that bad like back then. one time at school when I was in college and my cramps kicked in, my heavens I couldnt concentrate doing my school work and I was sweating like crazy and in terrible pain. Oh dear i felt like I was about to pass out. Hate it! Lately, I have been lucky and haven't experience it as much. I hope you feel better now.


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