Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interlocking Paver Stones

One of the many things that I would improve if  finances would be available is to have a beautiful paving stones walkway.  I think that if your walkways is beautiful such as the one you see in picture, it really adds a curb appeal factor to the over all look of the house.  This kind is called interlocking paver stones which gives it a long lasting  appeal and strength to any kind of weather  situation.

Hubby  came home  feeling  down yesterday from work.  He mentioned that  if situation will call it, we would   live in the Philippines and just retire there.  His pension would be more  than enough for us to live on in the Philippines.  The only thing that is holding us back now  is the fact that the kids are in school and that  we worry about them if we have to live in my country.  We  both think that it would be  better for them to finish schooling here then  they can decide whether or not they want to move with us in the Philippines.  For now, it is just a plan.  It would be nice though because I'd be more at ease  and feel at home.  I am not saying that I am not comfortable  here, it  just feels so different not being able to see my family.  Oh well, life is great wherever you are I guess, as long as you are with your family right?

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