Monday, March 18, 2013

H&R Block

These were taken at H&R Block when we did our taxes. We tried using their online tax system but it's too complicated. My husband got frustrated so we just went to their office and let them do it.
How about you, where did you do your taxes?


  1. ang cute naman nitong mga taxpayers na ito...ehehehe!

  2. I have been going to my tax guy for years...about 8 now. I went the first year for the help and we have gone back every year since because HE IS HOT!!!! After the first meeting he become know as the hot tax guy and we see him at hot tax time lol!

    1. Hahaha you made me laughed at this very moment reading your HOT comment lol.

  3. You want to try doing it in French!!! That is incredibly difficult when it is not your mother tongue and the French have twice as many farms as any other country I think in the world! Diane

  4. We used to do our taxes with H&R Block too.


  5. We haven't done our taxes yet. We have to though. We do it online thru Turbo Tax and I think this time, we will try something else. not sure though.

  6. Same here, we have our tax lady from H&R- we gets more refund if we let her do the job though the fee is expensive! :(

  7. haven't done our taxes yet. :) hubby is thinking of doing it on his own as usual, hehe. i wanted to go to a tax professional so we'll see how it goes. maybe i can actually persuade him to let the profs handle it this time around.

  8. oops. didn't my first comment go through? anyway, no, we haven't filed our taxes yet sis. i would like to go to a professional but hubby likes to do it on his own just like before so we'll see how it goes. :)

  9. I filed the kids for them Hubby will take ours to a friend of his in April. He likes to wait till the last minute. lol

  10. I still do my own taxes. I do not itemize or have a lot to report. In fact, still send it paper wise. I am sure they will stop that soon.

  11. Cute pics of your kids! I still have to do my taxes...ugh.

  12. a great lesson for the kids, to always pay taxes on time. ms.buritto looks like a little miss sitting there.:)

  13. Do cute taxpayers like your kiddos get more refund? Hehe :)


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