Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Maternity Dress

Spring is just around the corner but still so cold around here at my side of the world.  My children's school, had a two hour delay this morning because of the freezing rain that we  had.  I hope that  warm weather will roll out here soon, I am so tired of being stuck inside the house.  Now that my treadmill is broke, I can't do my workout anymore.  I can't wait for Spring to come so I could see the beautiful Spring blooms in the garden and also do my work out outside.  

I am sure that  pregnant women can't wait to  wear their spring maternity dresses too.  Speaking of which, I saw so many stylish maternity dresses over at Momo Baby website.  Looking at the  maternity dresses reminds me of  the two wonderful pregnancies I had.  It was fun and definitely one of  the most precious part  of motherhood.  

Gone are the days when  maternity dresses are  boxy, now you can actually dress yourself up in style  even when you are pregnant.  With so many styles to  choose from, you will never run out  outfit to  wear.  If you are in need of maternity dress to wear this spring time, check out the website I have mentioned by visiting the link I have provided above.


  1. That dress adorable. I wish they had cute stuff like that when I was pregnant.

    1. I know right? I got to enjoy the new trends of maternity dress..

  2. I love that dress! I went to this site to look around, and they have the cutest clothes!

  3. If only I am pregnant again. lovely dress choice sis.


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