Thursday, March 21, 2013

Country Club Skilled Nursing

With the cost of healthcare rising, some business are starting to downsize their  employees and some are even thinking of closing.  Hubby and I attended a PTA meeting  last Tuesday and one  the father who also attended  sat by  us.  He said that his children used to go to  St. Joseph when they were in pre-school but he had to pull them out there because the tuition fee is high and  he can't afford it anymore.  He said that he works as a lab technician at one of the hospitals in the area but afraid that he is soon going to lose his job as the said job is now being  trained to do by the nurses.  That is so sad to know that  to cut the cost, some people  will be losing their job.

Anyhow, We were supposed to visit my father-in-law today but  there are some cars parked in front of his house to we decided to just  go home.  We will be visiting him again tomorrow after we  bring our daughter to the hospital for her  blood test.  I commend my father-in-law's strong will to live by himself.  For most seniors, living alone is quite hard to do but for Dad is the  best  option for him.  He is almost 91 years  old but he can  still function very well in doing his household chores like cooking and cleaning.  He does not want other people to do it for him.  He no longer drives  so we take turns in taking him to the store when he needs to buy something.  

Skilled Nursing, assisted living apartments, home health care services, and rehabilitation  are among the services that Country Club Retirement Campus  provides to seniors.  These type of services  would be enjoyed  by my FIL if he decided to just live in an assisted living apartments.    The advantage of this is that, you can enjoy your life without worrying too much of  home maintenance  and other obligations  when you are a home owner.

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