Saturday, March 23, 2013

Children's Medicine

I am so glad that both if my kids are now feeling better.  I still have to bring  my daughter ti
o the doctor this coming Monday for a follow  check up to make sure that she is free from the infection already.  After the follow up check up, the doctor  ordered us to have another blood test done for Ms. Burrito because her blood count is low.
Every Winter, we go through  boxes of these medicines for the kids.


  1. Glad to hear they're feeling better. Visiting late for MMY. Happy Tuesday.

    Liz (yacb)

  2. I'm glad that's all over now. Let's pray there won't be any repeat anymore this year. visiting from Ruby Tuesday.

  3. We are all sick in our home right now. Mostly me, hope I get over this soon.

  4. it's tough to feel for parents esp when their kids get sick..hope your kids gets well soon...

  5. oh you would never believe how often my 2 year old gets sick. since he was 15 months old, he gets sick once a month like clockwork. mostly virus...:( i also do keep a lot of meds in our meds cabinet for him coz he's just so sickly.

    by the way rose about the video again, lol! um yeah i misunderstood the question. in our video package, a 5 minute "same day edit" video (is what they call it) was provided to us on a DVD in a format where i can easily upload it on youtube and facebook. so no i didnt use any converter or anything. mine was already ready for upload. since it was only a short one. hope that helps. :)

  6. Thankfully my little girl doesn't get sick very often. She just get the allergies due to weather.


    1. You wait till she start going to school. My kids never got sick when they were at home but as soon as they started school, that;s when it started. I consider school as a sick pit during Winter time.

  7. That's good to hear that they're both better now... My kindergartner was sick lately... :(


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