Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gummies... Dental... etc..

We buy this Gummies  for our Burritos to take everyday.  This helps promotes healthy growth and development of their  bodies.  My Burritos  said that it has great taste and it is fun to eat.  It has 6 great shapes of their favorite Cars character  with three yummy flavors, grapes, orange and cherry.  Although my  kids eats fruits and veggies, it is still good to give them some extra that they might be lacking with the foods they eat.
On the other hand, February is the  dental month.  Ms, Burrito made this tooth photo in school and we put it underneath   our calendar as a reminder of our dental appointment this coming Thursday.  How about you, have you visited your Dentist yet?  Remember that having a healthy gums and teeth is very important.
Onto the weather,  we are in the  40s right now but according to the weather channel, we are suppose to get   rain and strong winds by noon so I am dreading it.  It's hard to walk when its raining and at the same time windy as you can't use umbrella.  I hope that  the rain will  pour after  I pick up my kids.


  1. my girl has some Flintstones gummies.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. It is always good to get a good supply of vitamins.

  3. That's good for the health. That cutout of the tooth is so girly cute. :) Have a great Wednesday, sis!

  4. Never heard about this, but vi use a lot of vitamins over here to:-)

  5. Gummies are perfect for G day. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  6. who wouldn't love those gummies? dropping by for abc wednesday.

  7. By coincidence February is my dental month too and I had to have a filling, yikes, maybe I should have had some of those.

  8. I'll check that product out..thanks for sharing sis!

  9. Gummies are good for young and old. - Margy

  10. i wish those were available locally. my son loves lightning + if we have these cars gummies, i bet taking vitamins everyday will never be a problem!


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