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How to Save Money in Las Vegas

Nevada’s heart, Las Vegas is home to the infamous Strip, is famous for glitz, glamour, showgirls and casinos, but don’t let its synonymy with big spending put you off! If you’re on a budget, don’t be scared of paying a visit to Sin City – you don’t have to spend loads to have a good time down in the Silver State!

If you don’t want to break the bank when you’re over in Vegas, here are a few tips that should help you out a bit. Keep them in mind whilst you’re out there and your thriftiness will pay off!

Getting Around
After collecting your bags from the carousel and getting your bearings, the first thing you do when you’ve touched down at McCarran will probably be to get a taxi. Although these will usually be parked right outside the airport, they can often be quite costly, like the black cabs at home.
To reduce the cost of the taxi, tell your driver to avoid the L-215 tunnel – this is a common route to up your fare! If there are six of you, considering getting a limo: riding in style will work out cheaper than two taxis!

Public transport is pretty good too – get a 24 hour bus pass to go up and down the Strip, or use the many shuttles between casinos.

Evening Activities
When you get to your hotel, make sure to ask at reception whether they have any coupon booklets, as these can save you a small fortune on dining out. Don’t go to the buffets in the evening, as they are offer the same variety at lunch time for a greatly reduced price.
When it comes to watching a show, the best way is to plan ahead and book your tickets online before you leave home – this should save you a fair amount of cash. There are also a number of free shows available to you; the casinos tend to offer entertainment in the evenings, if you’re still gambling away!

Of course, the main draw of Sin City is the gambling – that’s what you’re there for! As long as you don’t go way over the top, you should be fine, but make sure to take advantage of the free tutorials so that you can up your game without making any costly mistakes.

Make a budget and, more importantly, stick to it rigidly. If you make a loss one day, don’t eat up your budget chasing that elusive big win, or else you may wind up blowing your entire holiday’s worth of spends in one big wipe out. You don’t want to be that one person in the corner attempting to sell your shoes for another go on the slots.

And remember – drinks are free whilst you play, so you can have a great night for less, as long as you remember to tip the server.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will be less likely to go bust in Vegas, and will be able to come home without having to resort to a second mortgage. Have fun!

You want as much money as possible when visiting Las Vegas to do all the things you want to do so saving money on getting there is essential. Try taking a look at which will hopefully save you some money on your airlines tickets.

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  1. Las Vegas! Love visiting there. Best City to arrive in from the UK because everything is open when you wake up at 4am :). Great advice here. Just one to add - Don't used a credit card for taxis because they will charge you an extra $3. Cheers!


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