Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress 2013

The Oscar Awarding Ceremony has just concluded a couple of nights ago and winners  were announced.  Did you guys watch it? Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Award  for "Silver Lining Playbook" and Anne Hathaway  is the Best Supporting Actress  for "Les Miserables".  The most  unforgettable  moment of the night was when Jennifer Lawrence fell on the steps when she was going up the stage to  receive  the award.  I did not watch it  live  but watched  it online, the night after  the awards night was over.  How I wish that I have a streaming server so I could have watched  the said  event on a streaming broadcast.  I am just glad  that I got to watch it online.

I was browsing online trying to find some streaming videos when I  stumbled upon Wowza Media Server 3.5.  This company provides a powerful  multi-threaded software that delivers to up to 10Gbps of per-server video streaming performance for on-demand and live streaming.  They also have add ons such as Wowza Transcoder, nDVR, DRM, and StreamLock AddOn.  You can try their free trial and see if   Wowza's Media Server is  something that you want to have.  Just click the link above to visit their website and find out the details.

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