Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Photo Opp

My husband and daughter had the chance to see and meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders when we were still  living in South Korea.  They came to the Navy Fleet  to give some cheers to the  service men and women and their families who were currently stationed in the  Land of the morning Calm.  I was not able to see their performance because my son was taking a  a nap that time but glad that my daughter had the chance to meet them.  When my daughter  came home, she sowed me some moves   according to the performace of the ladies that she saw.  It added  a magical memory for my daughter.  She had  a great time  posing for pictures with them. Below are some of the photos that my husband took.

With Brooke Sorenson...
Dallas Cowboys Authentic Cheerleader Set With Brittany Evans... 

I was browsing  some clothes online and found some Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes at Baby Fans.  I think that any baby girl would look  beautiful with  the  outfit that  you see.  Too bad, the biggest size that they have is 3T which is not my daughter's size anymore.  It could have been a good keepsakes that my daughter could look back when she sees her pictures with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders..


  1. It looks like you have a future cheerleader in your care. :-)

  2. Wow! she's gorgeous, Ms. Burritos is adorable.

  3. Sana ako na lang si Miss burrito.. na-hug ko sana si Miss Sorenson.

  4. The cheerleaders look like life-sized dolls. It would have been fun though if your daughter had her picture taken in costume just like you wanted.

  5. wow, that's cool...:) ms. burrito looks lovely as always.

  6. Oo, nga, ganda ni Miss Sorenson! =) Mamaya, maging cheerleader din ang little girl mo.. =)

  7. good opportunity for your daughter to sees those pretty cheerleaders...that cute dress would also looks adorable for her

  8. Oh mommy I used to watch their show on TV a lot and I am a fan. I even wish I was one of them. LOL! Brooke is really nice and I have watched her on TV during her auditions until she made it to the team. How awesome!

    1. I was not able to watch them perform because my son was sleeping that time. Namiss ko ngia ang photo opp, or else I could have took many lol.

  9. Oh wow! Brooke is gorgeous. I love her face.:)

  10. they are so gorgeous, aren't they? my daughter, Mika, wanted to be a cheerleader but I'm too scare for her. maybe in time, i'd get reconciled with the idea, IF she is still interested, that is..


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