Thursday, January 17, 2013

Professional Rug Cleaner

Having a carpeted home is  nice especially if you have kids as it protects their  knees and body when they fall while playing or running around.  The key to having a healthy and clean carpet is to   steam clean t it every once in a while.  When we bought our house, we  removed the old existing carpet  and replaced it with a brand new one.    We also bought a steam vac to clean it ourselves as we can't afford to  hire a professional rug cleaner.  Now that we have two children and two dogs, we   make sure to clean our carpet every so often because if  we don't, it would be filthy.  One of our dogs sheds so I vacuum it  once or twice a week and hubby takes care of the steaming.  

Of course I ca do this stuff because I am a stay at home mom, those who  goes to work everyday has very little time to do it so a professional rug cleaner would be preferable  At ABC Rug and Carpet Care, is a New York based  company that provides  carpet cleaning and care.  So if you are  around the said place, you can check them out.

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