Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mary Poppins

Are you planning to have a getaway anytime soon?  Would you consider going to New York and  watch one of the Broadway shows?  You can find broadway show packages at NYC Trip website.  It's never  early to plan for a getaway for summer or  for Spring vacation.  I have never experience watching a broadway show but it would be   fun to do that someday.  It would be  awesome to see the Mary Poppins  in an actual show, I  only saw it  on TV when I was in my early teens.  I looked up their  pricing and it cost $306.50 per person which isn't bad because it comes with a 2 night complete package.  The package includes  a two-night stay in Time Square or Rockefeller Center, these are the hotels in the heart of midtown Manhattan famed Broadway Theater District.  All state and local  taxes are also included in the price.  

Mary Poppins brought back memories  when we  visited  Disney World   a couple of years ago.  We  explored the Spectacular Journey into the Movies attraction where you go for a ride and the  tour guide will tell you different  kinds of movies as   the journey move along.     One of the display is about the Mary Poppins show and it brought back  fun memories when I first watch the movie.

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