Thursday, August 23, 2012

Higher Education Can Prolong Your Life

While we worry about genetics, medical care, lifestyle, exercise and diet there is a surprising new study that indicates there is something else that has an even larger impact on how long we will live.

What could be more important?

It seems that all the above mentioned factors should cover it. We mentioned genetics, that’s our family’s influence; medical care – how well we follow up with our doctor; lifestyle – our habits such as smoking, non-smoking, partying, drinking and stress factors; exercise – our physical activities; diet – eating well or not so well…

But studies show that this is not the most important

In an article published by U.S. News we learn that the most powerful influence over longevity could be education. The relationship between an education and long life is striking. Education has been shown to have a bearing on one’s lifestyle, ability to cope with stress and also how one manages chronic diseases.
It also has an indirect correlation to how long one can expect to life - in that education may improve one’s social status, opening up career opportunities and improving one’s income bracket.

One third of all dropouts are without work

Unfortunately some of our less educated counterparts may struggle finding employment especially with a position that will enable them to enjoy a better diet, health care and a less stressful environment. These are strong reasons to not only motivate us to get a better education but to impress upon our young the need to continue their education. Dropping out of school increases the odds of not being able to find a job, and even if they do find a job the likelihood of finding one that pays wells and provides good benefits is very low. According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics the unemployment rate for recent dropouts is soaring and has reached nearly 33% of those without a high school education.

Those who do work are paid lower wages and are more likely to lose their jobs

Statistics went even further to show that of those who were employed, the wages were most likely to be minimum wages. To make matter worse the likelihood of the dropout being able to maintain employment was much lower than their counterpart who had graduated. Another shocking statistic indicated that even those who did go back to school to obtain their GED (government equivalency diploma) faced the same low prospects unless they included more training or education in conjunction with the GED.

Don’t stop with just a diploma or GED

It’s important not to stop your qualifications after attaining your GED. Use it as an opportunity to further attend an open-enrollment college or vocational-tech training. Employers who were interviewed indicated that obtaining just a GED did not improve the job applicant’s chances of being hired because it didn’t show that the person had the commitment needed to maintain either their education or employment.  Education is the key to not just a keener mind, but also a longer life, and nowadays there are so many avenues to pursue. After all if you work at a job you love, it will never feel like work. This will massively improve your stress levels.

This post comes to you with the compliments of payday advance.

Thanks to this informative article written by Ms. Judy  SheldonWalker


  1. Fascinating info. I was amazed when I found out that there was something else that had a greater impact, but it makes sense, doesn't it?

    1. Yes it does, I do too. In my country, it is very important that you have education because you won't get any decent job at all if you don't. Having no job is a major impact on someone's health.

  2. It definitely makes sense, doesn't it? What we know determines how we and our families live.

    1. Yep, another example is the place where I grow up with, people there tend to rely on what they know as medicine so if there is a serious condition, they just die.


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