Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chevy SS Chevelle

My husband and son are fanatic of old cars. We were going home from the store when they saw this one at a parking  area.  We pulled up so they can see it closely and  for me to take  pictures as well.
I am not sure if this is a Camaro SS Chevelle but I will update this as soon as   my husband comes home.  I am not good in identifying cars so pardon me.  But if you can identify it for me, that would be great!

According to the hubster, the car above is a Chevy Chevelle Super Sport.  

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  1. Beautiful Classic car. I can tell you for sure that is an SS Chevelle 1969/70 vintage and not a Camero.
    Somebody loves this car very much to park far away from any chance of door damage!
    It has bee Hot Rodded too,Nice wheels,fatter tires and these came with a Big Block motor 396 and upwards. I am sure the motor has had lots of work done to make it go fast and look pretty since there are Hood Pins on the hood!

    1. Hey, thanks for that info, yep I look it up online a while ago and you are right. It is a SS Chevelle 1969. See I told you I am bad with cars lol.

  2. Sharp looking car! I can why it caught your husband's eye. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It is a sharp looking car, I can see why the men and boys love it. Your sky is beautiful. Happy skywatching!

  4. Lovely captures of a classic car

  5. Classic car is always cool. Great shots!

  6. ..great pictures! great car! great skies!!

  7. I like those pictures, excellent car.

  8. Beautiful sky and classic car.

  9. Wow!The sky really clicks with the red classic.

  10. Actually, a Chevelle SS from 1972 (the parking lights in the front are the clue...) with the cowl-induction hood. Beautiful in red and the Cragar S/S chrome wheels (I think) are a perfect retro touch - wonderfully captured!

  11. What a cool car and nice shots!

  12. Great car, and looks like a perfect day to photograph it!


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