Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Golf Balls

Our Burritos adopted Lolo is a golfer. He gave them some. He also teaches them the basic technique in hitting the golf ball.

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ABC Wednesday


  1. Pretty colors………HPS.

    The French Hutch

  2. I've never seen a pink golf ball before!

  3. My great grandson, who is 8, loves playing golf. However, never saw him using colored golf balls.

  4. My great grandson likes golf. Never saw him using colored golf balls tho.

  5. My SIL is a golfer-wants to teach our grands. They would use pink but him NO WAY.

  6. Lovely macro of these colourful golf balls! Delightful soft shadows round them!

  7. Nice composition for this shot. I tried to get my husband colored golf balls but he wouldn't hear of it.

  8. I only know a white golf balls hehehe. Thanks sa info!


  9. The colors remind me of puto!

    Cheers … visiting from Shadow Shot Sunday

    Tito Eric

  10. I play w colorful balls when I lay minigolf
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  11. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, I have never seen a pnk golf ball before. :)

  12. Lots of colors available if you check the internet. Some good, some not so good. The first colored ball that hit the markets, the fluorescent orange ball, was used by a few tournament winners, but was not the answer to the visibility issue. I hit one into the evening sunset and it turned black and I lost it in the sun. Good thing I had a good feel for how far I had hit it or I would not have found it. The bright yellow ball does draw your eye to the ball. And it tracks well in flight and is easy to see on the ground. A little odd not hitting a white ball, though.



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