Friday, January 30, 2015

Tax, Blogging, etc.

I received my  tax document from LinkVehicle today.  I hope that I could  have  the other ones in the next  weeks to come so we could file our taxes already.  Daughter also  received her tax document from Google.  This is the perk she received (Paid travel for 2) as  the State of WV winner for the Doodle4Google last year.  This is the airfare, hotel accommodation, and other stuff  that was provided for her during the event.

I wonder if  paypal  transaction history will be enough to use  to file a tax?  Most of my earnings online  are from different  DAs so  I am sure I won't be getting a tax document from them.  

On another note, I recently work with a DA and I was asked to find travel and family-related blogs. If you are interested, kindly  put your website url at the comment section, thanks.

I also would like to invite you to sign up, if you haven't yet, at MomsAffiliate here.  They have giveaways, tweets, and  all other perks that you can enjoy through blogging.  


  1. My blogging earning is not big at all. I guess, I am not getting any form too.

  2. blogging is not as lucrative this past year compared to the previous years. Hopefully 2015 will be a different story.

  3. I also have one from LV too Sis Rose :-) My travel blog is and family blog

  4. Trying my luck - - parenting

  5. Thanks ladies, I will submit your websites. The DA pays $50 for an article that you will write with one dofollow link.

  6. I am dreading tax season next year. I know I will have to pay in an exorbitant amount of money.

  7. I'm still waiting for some papers in the mail. I know I'll be getting one from Google..but the others I have no idea. I just hope they hurry up and show up soon. I'm impatiently waiting to get our taxes done so we can pay off one of my husbands student loans.

  8. Trying my luck here Sis. Hope 2015 will be better for us

    Parenting -
    Travel -

  9. baka pwede:

  10. I am still waiting for a couple of 1099's to show up in my mailbox. i am dreading doing my taxes this year--besides 2 schedule c's I will have to figure out that one about the health insurance! Yup-I am a bookkeeper who actually knows how to do taxes and I'm putting it off as long as I can!!

  11. Thanks sis for the opps invite much appreciated :)

  12. Hoping some luck too, here's my parenting website


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