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How to Design a Clutter-Free Home

Modern life is full of accessories, appliances, and a host of gadgets you use on the go, so how do you hide the behind-the-scenes workings of real life? With the endless reams of computer cords and chargers that power our mobiles and the day-to-day clutter of family life, the task may seem daunting, but you can design a home that is free from clutter. It just takes a little planning. Here are some tips for designing a clutter-free home.

Be Realistic

We all have clutter of some description; the best homes just hide it well. There's an old adage that says "a place for everything and everything in its place" and that certainly should be adhered to when you're designing your home. The key is storage, storage, and more storage, so consider your needs when you build. Take a look at several modern home designs and, where possible, explore display homes from reputable builders such as Coral Homes to see what tried-and-tested features may suit your needs.
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Kitchen Clutter

It may be the heart of the home, but the kitchen is also the greatest offender when it comes to extraneous clutter. From bread makers to coffee machines, the kitchen is home to all manner of appliances that take up ugly residency on the bench. This has led to the rising popularity of the butler's pantry, an extra room off the kitchen with additional storage and bench space for all those appliances. The best thing about it is you simply shut the door to hide any mess. If a butler's pantry doesn’t feature in your ideal design, maximize your kitchen storage instead and don’t forget benchtop cupboards with power points where you can slide away your appliances.

Children's Clutter

Children come with all manner of clutter, from toys to games, and a constantly expanding wardrobe. Cupboards are a must for kids, so ensure you include built-ins in the bedroom, complete with shelves or drawers that they will be able to reach. Also consider under-bed storage and clever furniture, such as coffee tables that double as toy chests and lift-top ottomans where toys can easily be packed away.

Hobby and Work Clutter

If you love to sew or are an avid model train creator, then you know the inevitable clutter that comes with your hobby. Factor this in when building your dream home and consider a room specifically to house your hobby or work zone, complete with the necessary cupboards and workbenches.

Sporting Clutter

Tennis racquets, hockey sticks, baseball bats, cricket stumps and golf clubs deserve a home too. A garage, hall, or laundry cupboard should be designated to their needs. This is a cupboard that will literally have things thrown into it, so don't be too precious about its interior and ensure its shelving is the right size and height to house your sporting goods.
Having storage for all your items not only creates a clutter-free space but means your home is easier to keep clean. The best tip is to consider your lifestyle needs from the outset and design accordingly.


  1. I so need to declutter my house. I have started a little bit. I know what I want to do, but I just have to find the time to do it! I would really like to makeover my whole house.

  2. There is so much clutter in terms of what my hubby and kids posses, and it drives me crazy. We are heading to the store this weekend to stock up on some storage bookcases, thank goodness.


  3. I've been decluttering all week and omg! Such a pain. Hate spring cleaning so much lol.... Going to have to incorporate some of your ideas in!

  4. These are great, I'm thinking about declutter my house, your house looks really clean thank you for sharing this tips!

  5. I need these ideas for my messy home. It is not that difficult after all.

  6. I have been attempting to declutter my apartment for a couple of years now--am I making any progress? Yes, a tiny bit--but I haven't given up yet!!

  7. I have paper clutter. I stack it up to look at it 'later,' and 'later never seems to come. Or when it does, the stack is so high most if it just gets tossed in the garbage because it's irrelevant or outdated anyway.

  8. I'm a Virgo and an organization junkie so clutter doesn't typically find its way to my house. I do have small children who like to leave evidence of their playtime in my office - lol! So this was helpful. Thanks for an insightful post.


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