Monday, May 9, 2011

On Eating Out

I am sure that most Moms had a special treat for mother's day. Be it a dinner, a weekend getaway, or a trip to a spa and salon. What special treat did you get Mommies?

We went to Robinson Mall last Saturday, hubby and kids bought me  a gift.  I snapped the photos below while we were  driving by.
I bet these places were full today.
Jen invited us to go Red Lobster with them but we chose not to.    With two kids in tow, it would be hard.
We  attended mass and visited my MIL's grave today, that's how we  celebrated mother's day.  We spent the rest of the day playing at our backyard, and I cleaned up  our chandelier till 11  pm whew.  I just now got done with it.


Smiling Sally


  1. sounds like a busy Mother's Day for you, cleaning the chandelier!:p

  2. Terrific blog and lovely photos - Glad to have found you to follow!

  3. happy MYM. mine is here:

  4. Happy Mother's Day!

    Visiting from Green Monday
    Hope You can visit my Greens: Bouquet, Cake on Mother’s Day and One Perfect Day. Thanks!

  5. Happy mother's day ulit :)
    We just stayed at home, bad weather here :(

  6. I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  7. Still a mother at mother's day. Great mom.

    - real lady of Scoop and Snap

  8. Two days out the year, you should stay away from eating places. Easter and Mother's Day.

  9. I bet everyone is going there at the lobster restaurant, yay I am drooling just imagining it. Hehehe mine is here thanks Points of View and Thoughts

  10. I am always shooting pictures when my husband is driving.I try to hold back when I am behind the wheel!!! Like the Robinson Mall....maybe it is named after a distant relative of mine. LOL

  11. di kami nag dinner out Rose kasi nambubuwisit sa kin tong wisdom tooth ko...di ako makakain...gutom na gutom na in...kasi mga soft food lang kinakain ko at kunti lang dahil ang sakit igalaw...waaaaaaaa..ngayon lang ako nakaramdam ng ganito ka gutom...waaaaaa

  12. I got a green bag full of mommy stuff. :)

    My entries:
    Moms...Check Nyo

  13. Nice shots :)
    Lobster is very expensive here...

  14. memorable ng Mothers day mo sis..hehehe..nglinis ka pa ng Chandelier..sosyal! chandelier hehehe..

  15. Glad to hear you had such a great Mother's Day! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. buti nga kau nagmalling eh...ehehehe...kami sa tabi tabi lang yung celebration namin sis...heheehe!

  17. ooh really nice. i believe it's still snowing there. thanks for joining sis.


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