Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Thinker

Sometimes, my husband would ask me if I want to go somewhere and if I say no, he would QUICKLY entice me and say "You can take some pictures."   It's pretty clever because I can't resist the idea lol.  Our visit to Lowe's last Friday. 
I was looking for some plants to buy but right now, the prices are still enormously high so I declined to get any besides the seeds that I have spread out are now growing so I am just waiting to replant them when they are in the right size already.


  1. Haha addict ka na sa picture Ate Rose, ganda ng fountain, pwede kaya lagyan isda yong tumatalon (lol). BTW, Ate Rose I design a template for you, don't know if magustuhan mo, you can view the preview at PHOTO EXPRESS.

  2. sometimes the quick choices are the best. then, on the other hand...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. hhahahaha...huling-huli pala ni John ang kiliti mo Rose...picture taking lang pala katapat mo hehe...aga naman ng ABC mo, di pa ako nakapag post waaaaaaaaa

  4. Someone could probably lure me out if they told me to bring my camera too. LOL!

  5. basta taking pictures go na yan hehehe, I also brings my camera always as if I have an occasion to attend to heheheh

  6. thought i was the only one:) my family would say the same thing to me, "mom you'll have many stuffs to take photos there..." lagi ganyan:)

    worth it nman db.


  7. your hubby sure knows how addicted you are to taking pics rose. hehehe.


  8. Ah... the power of the photograph.;-) Cute post.


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