Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wind Chime

Our neighbor came over yesterday and gave us this wind chime. He said that he bought two of this and gave us one. He said he got excited when he saw that it is made in the Philippines lol. I was going to put it under the bird's house but then decided to keep it inside the house.
There, I found a perfect place for it in our kitchen hehehe.
I took both shots with and without a flash.


  1. How nice naman. And how thoughtful naman is your neighbor!

  2. wow, ang aga ng entry...wala pa ako ah!..hehe yeah, marami yan dito sa Pinas, Rose...bait naman ng neighbor mo at naalala ka. hehe

  3. ako dati pa like ko na talaga ang ang wind chime..I love the sound of it..

  4. dami nyan dito hahaha.. was here too.. quick lang.

  5. nice :)

    Happy mother's day to you Madear :)

  6. It's a different kind of wind chime because it is made of seashells instead of the usual metal wind chime. I wonder how it sounds? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. ang cute naman! buti pa kau may mabait na!


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