Monday, May 16, 2011

New Blog Badge

I want to thank the talented  author of the blogs above fro tweaking the badge of this blog, thank you so much Rhe!.  She actually owns  multiple blogs which she recently moved to  WordPress.  I admire   people like Rhe and Dhemz for  having a  talent in designing blogs as I  don't have that skill at all.  For them, changing layout is just like changing clothes lol.  For me, it's  a impossible job to do.  I am glad that I  am surrounded with very nice friends who are willing to lend  hands and shared their talents.  Thanks guys!

Below is my old and new badge for this blog.
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  1. Si RyHeAnne palang gumawa nito...akala ko ikaw lang Rose...tatanong pa sana ako sa yo kung paano mo ginawa hehehe.

  2. hehehe same here, somhow I am still lucky to have them even I don't have the talent hehehe

  3. did she use adobe illustrator?

    I want to learn how to use the computer to illustrate.

  4. Yes, they made a great job. Congratulations on your new layouts for your blog. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. korek mommy rose! thanks talaga that there are friends who is very generous of thier talent..

  6. I like your new badge, i have to thank ryheanne as well she made new template for my working at home. Its true parang nagpapalit lng ng damit lalo na si ryh always new ang template :)

  7. I like your new badge. I think it is only fitting that your kids are there because they are the focal point of your blogs anyway. Kudos to the makers of your badge. They did a great job!

  8. wow, new look nga yung badge mu.. oo galing ni Ry diyan... was here too Rose.

  9. Haha, no problem Ate Rose, thanks too. Hindi ka na pala nagreply kung anong picture ang gagamitin sa Nostalgia Marvelling badge mo :)


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