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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Important elements of a detox program

On a daily basis, the body is exposed to toxins. Toxins are harmful to the body in many ways, but fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to reduce the amount of harmful elements in the body. ClearVite is a cheap and extremely effective cleansing and detoxifying product; it offers the body the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients it needs to operate efficiently. 
The CR line of these delicious products has an incredibly tasty chocolate and raspberry flavored multivitamin that is completely enzyme based. It comes in the form of an herbal supplement and a mineral powder. The company also offers sample versions of this tasty vitamin for you to try at no charge. 

When you make the commitment to take this nutritional supplement as a meal substitute, you will be making a choice that will allow your body to essentially restart itself and remove any toxins in the process. Because we are physically unable to develop enough antibodies to combat all the toxins we encounter every day, our bodies develop health issues and will degrade slowly. If you don’t take care of your body, these toxins will build up and can cause many health issues, such as cancer, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, neurological conditions and immune system disorders. 

By taking care of your body through proper amounts of nutrition, exercise and detoxification, you can help your body get itself back on track. While it is true that you can’t always control what you are exposed to, you can take steps to handle toxins that you are exposed to.

If you are experiencing issues with your skin, depression, no appetite, obesity, headaches, constipation, bad breath, bloating, pain in the joints or chronic fatigue, you might want to consider investigating a detoxification program.

Before starting any detoxification program, it is important to make sure that the supplements you are taking are high quality. Because the majority of health products are unregulated by the federal government, many vitamins are poor in quality, as companies rely on fillers and second grade products to keep costs low. You need to make sure that the company manufacturing your health supplements is committed to the highest quality possible before you start your detoxification program. If you are pregnant, taking prescription drugs or are under 18, always remember to consult with a health care professional before starting a healthcare program.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Roadtrip 2016: Making Memories Even at Rest Stops

When you  take your family to road trips, it is important to  enjoy every mopment even the rest stops.  Even though you want to  arrive at your destinationa as quickly as possible, it is important to enjoy   every part of the journey.  
Whenever we go on a road trip, I always pack snacks and drinks because we all love to munch on something while on the road.  As a result, we stop a lot.  It drives my husband a little nuts sometimes but I always told him that he needs to rest his  body as well especially his legs and arms as he does all the driving.  
It was a couple of years ago when we  took pictures in the same place and it made me realized by looking at the photos how fast my children have grown since then.
Bringing a ball or something we can  play with after the restroom  break is a must for us.  The kids have so much energy that they get impatient in the car,  so releasing some of the energy while on the rest stop helps a lot and it's fun.
I get stares from other travelers when we take pictures even at rest stops but I don't really care.  My son gets embarass  when it's time for  picture taking but I make him  anyway lol.
My husband have been into so many  awesome places around the world when he was still in the Navy but he never took pictures so when he is telling the kids stories,  there's no picture to show  them how beautiful those places were.  That's why, I make sure to capture every moment we have,  so that  they can reminisce someday by looking at the photos.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

8 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping

Camping with kids is a lot of work. When considering taking your kids camping, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the idea and decide to do something else. Particularly with younger kids, camping can seem like the opposite of a vacation. Fortunately, not only are there health benefits of camping, but there are plenty of other rewards from taking your kids camping that make the effort well worth it. The following will introduce you to 8 reasons to take your kids camping.
Reason #1: Camping gets your Kids Away from the Screen
It seems like many kids beg for more and more time in front of the screen; whether it be the television, the computer, the tablet or your phone. It can be easier to give in at times than to battle with them. When you are camping, there is usually no internet access. And if by chance there is, you can set a no screens rule when spending time outdoors. There may be some complaints initially but it will catch on and the kids will stop asking. And they will learn to become engaged in the other activities that are available.
Reason #2: Camping Introduces your Kids to New Experiences
Camping means sleeping in a tent, cooking outside on a camping stove, building a campfire, and often roasting marshmallows. These are not experiences we would typically have at home. You may eat different foods when you camp and spend time in different surroundings. Depending on where you camp, it may include hiking or some time in a river or lake.
Reason #3: Your Kids are Active while Camping
There are significant health benefits of camping. Even for the most sedentary of people, when camping you will have to be somewhat active. There is usually a walk to everything; whether it is the bathroom or a sink to wash dishes. You will have to set up your campsite and the kids will be helping. And if you are staying at a campground they may meet other kids to play with which will keep them busy and running around.
Reason #4: You can Build Family Memories with your Children
Your kids will remember these camping trips and will bring up memories from them for years to come. You don’t have to do anything particularly special on the trip; the experience of camping will be enough. My kids never bring up the big planned adventures. It is the simple stuff and the mishaps that they remember and reminisce about later.

Reason #5: Camping helps to Foster a Love of the Outdoors
I am delighted when I hear my son say he loves the “smell of outside” or that he can’t wait to go camping. His time outdoors not only introduced him to the wonders of nature, but allowed his appreciation of it to flourish.

Reason #6: Camping helps Kids to Develop New Skills
Camping is an opportunity to teach kids how to build a campfire, or how to cook with an outdoor camp stove. The will help set up the tent and ultimately learn how to do it themselves. Obtain a camping guide and walk your kids through the different activities that go into setting up camp. Camping offers many opportunities for kids to learn something new and develop skills that they may not have had the chance to otherwise. Gaining these skills will lead to kids building their confidence.

Reason #7: Camping is great for Imagination
Spending time outdoors is great for kids’ imagination. Sticks become sorts and trees and rocks become forts. Kids’ creativity tends to come out when spending some time outdoors.

Reason #8: Enjoy One Another with Fewer Distractions
When camping, you will find there are fewer distractions than there are in life outside of the wilderness. Not only is it a time for no television or computer, often even your phone won’t work. It seems many jobs now come with an expectation that employees will work even when they are not in the office. Being outdoors makes this difficult if not impossible, giving you a real break and allowing you to focus on your children. For their part, without the option of television, movies or video games, kids will be more open to other activities and to spending time with their family.

There are plenty of reasons to take kids camping; while it may seem like a huge effort to get going, it is likely you will find it worth the effort. Please share your reasons to take your kids camping.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Road Trip Remembrance

Whenever we go somewhere new, I always  make sure to get some souvenirs that  can keep and give to friends.  I love  getting refrigerator magnets as it chronicles our travels.  I planned on doing that when we went to Virginia this year.  However, I didn't get to succeed on that this time.  When we went to Busch Gardens, I wanted to buy some souvenirs  because there was a gift shop there but  my better half said that we can buy those cheap outside the park and I agreed. 
So on our last day, we went driving around town and did not see any gift shop.  So we thought we can find one in the morning  before we head home.  We found one  but it  would not open until 9 am so we  just ditched the idea of buying some keepsake of our  trip.
I was glad however that Allied Shirts offered me a tee shirt to review and I thought it would be a great idea to use one of the photos of our trip so I can have at least one  keepsake.    Allied Shirts offers  print custom designs on tees, tanks, and hoodies,  I love that their design tool is very user-friendly.  There are unlimited possibilities since you can  customized the product the way you want it.  Designing your shirt is easy peasy, it didn't took me long to do mine.  I also love the material  of the shirt, I ju0st wish that the sizing is a bit smaller.  I ordered the extra small and it  it still big for me but it's not really a problem since I will be storing this shirt in our memory box anyway as this is the only  souvenir we have  from our trip.  I love the color choices at their website.  Maybe next time I weill get a colored one.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Howecer,  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate the review but  opinions are my own.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

5 Long Weekend Getaway Ideas in the U.K. for the Whole Family

Spending weekends with the family is already something to look forward to. However, if you’re looking for ways to spice things up a bit, then taking the rest of the gang to a long weekend getaway is your best option.

In case you’re struggling with ideas, here are 5 of the most exciting and unique experiences you can give your family for their short vacation.

1. Tarzan adventure

If your family is on the hunt for an adventure, then you shouldn’t miss Go Ape in your list. It’s available in 30 different parks and forests in the UK, which means you can book in a location near you or go the extra mile and take the farthest one from your home. Aside from sleeping in campsites, the place also offers zip wires and the thrill of swinging through trees. There’s also zip trekking and a lot of other outdoor adventures, particularly for the kids.
There’s no time limit for the activities, which means you and your family can go at your own pace. In case you’re worrying about your kids’ safety, there are trained instructors around the area that can orient them beforehand.

2. Safari Experience

You can get the Safari experience straight from the UK in The Elephant Lodge in Kent. You can take your kids to watch elephants as well as cheetahs. There’s even a new Dinosaur Forest where your family can enjoy watching the bears.

The tents in the area don’t have full cooking facilities so it’s best if you can bring your electric cool boxes for camping with you. You can load it up with snacks so you won’t have to buy from nearby restaurants. In case you don’t have one yet, you can search online for the best electric cooler reviews so you can get a better idea of your choices.

3. The Farm Life

The Beechenhill Farm is an organic farm that offers good food and quality service. The business is family-run and they allow kids to feed their chickens. Aside from cow-watching, you can also buy organic milk from their dairy farm.

4. Bandwagon

In Somerset, you’ll be able to find a genuine place to stay inside restored gypsy bow-top wagons. Each wagon can accommodate a family of four with the opportunity to visit historical places around the area. There are also donkeys, sheep and chickens that can keep your kids entertained during your stay. Renting the wagons include a day tent, wood burner and some cooking equipment.

5. Treehouse

If you have ever wanted to sleep in a tree house or have your kids experience it, then bringing the whole family to the tree houses in Powys, Wales is a great idea. The place has six different tree houses which are all located in the Welsh mountains.
Although this getaway isn’t really that cheap, the experience your family will get from it is priceless, particularly since it’s an experience away from technology and the busy life of the city.

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