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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Home Improvement Undertaken

It's been around this time of the year last year when we put our bid on this home that we are currently living in now.  This is our second home, the first one that we had  was also in this area but it's a bit smaller than this current one.  The reason  why I  agreed to move is that this home is  still situated near our children school.  This is just an upgrade to what we had.
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Anyway, we did a lot of remodeling last year before we   moved in.  We  completely refinished the wooden floors  and replaced the vinyl  flooring in the kitchen.  We  painted the whole house with fresh paint and from there on, we did  more small projects that  my husband and I tackled.    The basement of this home is huge but there is no  proper shelving to store  things so my husband and I did that.

One of the many feature t= of this home that my husband love is  having a two car detached garage.  We have two vehicle so  we can both park it inside now that we have the space.  Our former house  had one  car garage only so  one of the cars is always parked outside.  But anyway, there is no storage  in the garage so  we built some shelving on it to put  everything that my husband uses in the lawn and for maintaining the  vehicles.
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I like it that even our bikes can be stored in an organized manner unlike before we  just piled them on in a small storage area by the  basement.  Now we can get our bicycles without the struggle.
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I am not sure if my husband  will look into the Philadelphia garage floor coating because  he wants to upgrade the flooring as well.  It has  a major crack  and it needs be fixed.  For now, we will leave it that way.
This year, the only home improvement we have done so far is having a new sets of windows. We replaced all the old ones because it wasn't energy efficient. Our gas bill have sky rocketed over the winter and we suspected that it has something to do with the windows not having a good seal anymore.  Hopefully it would  help lessen the  gas bill.
We haven't done any DIY project  this year because my husband  is  enrolled in  school for his masters.  We might be able to  do some more  projects at the end of the semester when he is done with his  school.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Musicians Friend

Having  music lover kids at home is  truly a blessing.  I  love it the most when both of them plays together on  the piano.  Most of the times though, it is just my daughter that plays.  Our son have stopped  having  piano lessons when he started  playing football but he still plays the songs that he knows once in a while.  I constantly browse at Musicians friend for some good deals on music  accessories.  Sometimes they have  some sales on stuff.  Below is one of the two songs  that my daughter is  practicing on for the upcoming audition in West Liberty University.

Singing at Church

Oh how time flies. My Mom is turning 64 today and it's been years since I had a chance to celebrate her bithday there with her. My kids are growing up fast and I really need to let them see my Mom very soon. The video below was recorded 4 years ago, I can't believe how fast my daughter have grown in those years. The wwbw has mic stands that resembles thae one that our church has. I love attending the school masses because all of the kids are very much involve in the ceremony.  I also love the fact that the kids participates in serving at the altar during Sunday masses. I never get to do that when I was a kid so it is a joy for me to see them serve.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Thoughtful Gifts

I am a very practical  person and I love receiving useful things as gifts.   Here are some of the gifts that I love:  
  • Address Book - my daughter knows that I am old school.  I keep in touch with friends and family through snail mail.  I know it's kind of  obsolete  but sometimes, receiving personal letter  feels really good.  I always think that it is better than receiving text or email.  I know that the latter is a lot faster but  there is something so personal with handwritten letters that make it very special.  So this address book will surely be used.  Thanks to my daughter!

  • Personalized Items - I think homemade gifts are the best.  They are made with  love.  My daughter made this for her brother and he loved it.  It is now hanging on his bedroom wall.  

  • Art Piece - She also made this for  us.  She used bottle caps to make this octopus  . Isn't this so cute?

  •  When they were younger, we  were trying to teach our son to be less messy by setting an example and one time, my husband told our son  that he wants to eat the cookie that he wanted at the living room, he should eat like his sister does.  We went to  the living room where she was eating and found so many crumbs on the couch and my husband  blurted "Crumbs everywhere".  Since then, they were not allowed to eat  anywhere but in the table lol.  Our daughter thought it would be funny to make a toast, crushed it and put it in a frame to remind us of  that funny moment.

  • Tennis Rackets -  The kiddos got us these  tennis rackets so we could fairly play tennis with them.  We used to use the old  pair of tennis racket and they are pretty heavy so every time we lost a game to our children, we always  say that it is because our rackets are vintage lol.  So now, we don't have that excuse anymore.

  • Keyboard - My husband knows that my old keyboard is a pain in the tosh to use because all of its letters are faded thus it  makes it hard to use.  Now I can use my office without turning the light on during night time, all I have to do is push the bulb icon and the  keyboard is instantly lit.

  • Personal Protection - During warm weather, I do my  walking outdoors and my husband always worry about my safety going alone so he got me something for protection last Christmas.  I will have to  get me a conceal carry permit and of course go on practice using this  baby.

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How about you, what is your favorite gift this year? ABC Wednesday

Friday, December 16, 2016

5 Important Things You Should Never Forget to Bring in a Family Trip

If you’ve traveled a fair amount of family trips in your life, then you know exactly why you should pack well before a trip. Aside from the inconvenience of missing out essential items, you can also get stuck with unruly and impatient kids should you forget to bring things to keep them busy or full.

To save yourself from the stress and headache, here are 5 of the most important things you should pack for your next trip.

1. Car-friendly foods

If your family is going for a long trip out of town, it’s a good idea to pack some snacks the kids can enjoy while in the car. Make sure that they aren’t gooey, greasy or crumbly to save yourself from the stress of having to meticulously clean your car after the trip.

You can bring sandwiches or some fruits with you. You can make granola bars, cheese crackers and some vegetable chips, too.

2. First aid kit

You should already have a first aid kit in place in your car. If you haven’t set up one yet, make sure to do it before your actual trip. Ideally, you should have medications in your kit, like pain relievers and antihistamines. You should also pack antiseptic wipes and band aids just in case someone gets scratched or wounded in your vacation.

For your kids, make it a point to include bug repellent, sunburn creams and antibiotic ointments. The number of medicines should bring will depend on how long your vacation will be. Pack more if you’ll be staying there for several days.

3. Money

If you’ll be traveling to another country, make sure to exchange your money to its local currency before the trip. Having enough money is essential for family trips as it will give you the opportunity to explore the area and buy some local items for your family and friends at home.

Aside from having money in your wallet, it’s also a good idea to stash some cash in the secret compartment of your bag and some in your documents’ envelope. Hiding money is one good way to be assured that your family won’t be stranded in a foreign land with no cash.

4. Water

While traveling, make sure that you have enough water in the car to keep everyone hydrated. Dehydration can give you cramps and headaches during the trip. It can also make you extra irritable and easily exhausted.

If your family is a frequent traveler, it can help if you invest in reusable water bottles so that you can just get them refilled before a trip. In case it’s a last minute packing, be sure to drop by your local grocery store for some bottles of non-flavored water.

Bringing your own bottles may not sound that convenient but it’s one of the best ways you can protect your family during your trip, especially if you aren’t sure about the quality of water in your destination.

Aside from bringing your own water, you can also consider investing in portable water filtration systems. If this sounds too expensive, you can, at least, buy a stove top or standard electric kettle so you can boil water before consuming it. Stove top kettles aren’t only affordable but they are convenient to have, too.

5. Wet wipes

You’ll never realize how important wet wipes are during family trips until you’re stuck with messy and sticky kids. These wipes aren’t only great for cleaning mess but in disinfecting as well. Since a lot of wet wipes contain alcohol, keep in mind your kids’ sensitive skin when using it on their faces.

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