Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Visit to Italy May Soon Be On Your Travel Agenda

Are you ready for something truly out of the ordinary? If you are sick and tired of visiting your local park or camp site every single time you get a week of vacation, why not totally flip the script? If you thought that you could never afford to visit the historic land of Italy, you could not be more wrong. As it turns out, it costs far less for you to make the trip to the Eternal City of Rome than you think. On top of that, you can journey all around the nation of Italy and take in some of the world's most historic sites for pennies on the dollar of what it used to cost.

Why is Going on a Trip to Italy Such an All Time Aspiration?

There are many reasons why you may wish to visit the historic land of Italy. You may wish to see the homeland of your ancestors, or connect with family members and friends who call this nation home. You may have a keen interest in history and thus may wish to see some of the world's most renowned sites. These include the majestic Roman ruins that are scattered all across the landscape. You may wish to visit the Vatican or Pompeii or a thousand other landmarks. Or you may simply wish to enjoy some of the world's highest rated and most highly sought after continental cuisine.

You Don't Need to Book Your Italian Vacation the Old Fashioned Way 

In the old days, you used to leaf through a dusty old travel brochure to find the vacation spot you desired. These days, you use the web to get daily - sometimes, even hourly - updates on all of the areas you desire to visit. Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, you can now use the web.

You Can Use the Power of the World Wide Web to Make Your Dream Come True

Thanks to a major upgrade in technology, you can now use the power of the world wide web to make all of your vacation dreams come true. There are tons of travel agencies out there, such as Kensington Tours among others, that can help you book the vacation of a lifetime for less than you may think. You no longer have to pay an arm and a leg to get out of the country in order to experience the vacation of your dreams. All you need to know is how to use a vacation travel site to book the trip that you desire. It's quicker, easier, and more cost effective than ever before and it's up to you. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

5 Different Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary This Year

In life, there are always going to be those kinds of occasions that we love to mark. For some, it will always be birthdays above all else. Others will prefer to celebrate family holidays like Christmas. But then there are the more romantic that love nothing more than to make a fuss over anniversaries. And if you’re one of them, you’re in for a treat.
When you’ve been with your significant other for some time, you can start to run out of ways to spend your anniversary. And this can be tough. Because we all know that gifts for men are hard to choose, so trying to pick out the perfect date is doubly hard. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you’re all out of ideas, here are five different ways that you could spend your anniversary this year.

Stay In and Cook

Up first is something that tends to go down well with those that love nothing more than to stay in and get cozy. Because you don’t always want to get dressed up and head out. And you certainly don’t have to do it to have a good time. If you’ve done the fancy stuff before, then why not keep this year simple? In your casual clothes, cook up your favorite meal, and just enjoy each others company, without anyone else around.
Enjoy A Day Out

But it doesn’t all have to be about dinner. We get so used to date being in the evening, that we forget all about good old-fashioned day dates. And when you’re heading on a day out, they can be the most fun of all. From ice skating to heading on a hike, you can have a lot of fun and still get to spend quality time together by enjoying a nice day out.
Recreate Your First Date

If you really want to do something special this year, why not look to recreate your first date. While this doesn’t have to be the exact date that you had, you just need to think about going back to the restaurant you ate at, or the movie theatre you went to. By doing something like this, you’ll both be filled with love and memories of when you met. And what could be cuter than that on your anniversary?
Our first date 15 years ago - Legazpi City, Philippines
Head On Vacation

When life gets busy, you may even struggle to take time out to have a date unless you make big plans. Because work and other life commitments can often creep in. So this gives you the perfect excuse to head on vacation. There are so many exciting and romantic anniversary trip ideas that you could consider taking, and it’s also a great way to mark a special anniversary too.
Our 14th wedding anniversary at Grand Canyon

Throw A Party

But sometimes, you don’t want to celebrate alone. When that’s the case, why not bring everyone else in your life into the celebrations too? If you’ve got real close friends and family, throwing a party or even heading out to a big dinner could be exactly what you need to really enjoy yourself this year.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

4 Reasons You Should Move To A Small Town

For some people, the idea of moving to a small town is their worst nightmare, especially if they’re coming from a big city. They’ll complain that there’s nothing to do there and they’re too far away from all of the local amenities like shops and schools. It’s true that you might have to travel a little more to get to places but there are so many benefits that outweigh the negatives. These are just some of the great things about moving from a big city to a small town. 

You’ll Have More Time 

It’s great living in a big city with loads of stuff to do all the time but you’ll soon find that your schedule is jam packed. When you’re out every night of the week you don’t have that much time to do things for yourself. If you’ve got hobbies or passion projects that you’re interested in, living in a small town will give you so much more free time to work on them. 

It’s Easier To Save Money

Not having the temptation to go out all of the time also makes it easier to save money. The living costs in a small town tend to be a lot cheaper than in the city as well so your food etc. won’t cost as much. Obviously, you’ll have to spend money on companies like https://www.mybekins.com/location/el-cajon-ca-movers/ to help you move your stuff so you aren’t going to see those savings right away. But after a couple of months, you’ll probably find that you’ve got more spare cash than you ever had when you were living in the city. Just be aware that you’ll be spending a bit more money on fuel costs because you’re driving more and house prices can be higher in a small town. 

Know Your Neighbours 

When you’re living in a large city, you probably won’t know your neighbors and even though there are people everywhere, it can feel a little lonely. When you’re living in a small town you don’t have that problem at all. You’re more likely to be on first name terms with most of the people that live nearby which is great socially, but is also good for security because people can look out for you when you’re out of town. People in smaller towns tend to have more close friendships with the people around them which is always a good thing. Visit https://www.urbanbound.com/urbanblog/6-reasons-you-should-get-to-know-your-neighbors for even more benefits of getting to know your neighbours. 

Better Work Opportunities 

The general consensus is that small towns are the worst place to go if you’ve got big career ambitions because there are fewer opportunities. While it’s true that there are more jobs to choose from in big cities, there is also way more competition. In a big city you’re a small fish in a big pond, but in a small town, it’s the other way around. It’s easier for you to make yourself stand out and land yourself better career opportunities. 

Small towns get a bit of a bad name and people are always going on about how great it is to live in a big city but the truth is, living in a small town has a lot of benefits.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ice Skating at Wheeling Park

We have never done ice skating before but the kids wanted to try it so we took them to Wheeling Park.  It's a 45-minute drive from our place but it's worth the drive.  New  things  is always exciting although intimidating and scary especially if you don't know how to do it.
 I was going to try it but I had dysmenorrhea that I chose not to, however, hubby and I  promised the kids  that we will  do it with them next time since the kids loved it.
 The admission fee is $6.25 for  kids and $7.25 for adults and the skate rental is $4 a pair.  
 I am glad that there is  a tool  that beginners can use.  I feel so bad for my kids because they would not stay in their  feet, they were on their  bottom  more than they're on their feet lol.  
 Our son have figured it out though towards the end.  He was  skating around the rink without the tool that he first used.  
 He just need to figure it out with his footing and he was good to go.
 Our daughter, being very cautious all the time have enjoyed her time  as well but she  did not try letting go without the  walker (not sure what it's called, lol).  I think the park offer  lessons for ice skating but it is on weekdays so we will never make it plus it's a bit of a drive from us.
 I was surprised that they were not hurting the next day.  I guess, when you're young, your body can adopt easily unlike us adults that when we fall, we will certainly feel it the next day.
 It was freezing last weekend but glad that there are hot coco and coffee you can buy inside the  park.  I couldn't stay the entire time inside the rink because my feet were painful.  My body can't take  freezing temperature  really well so I always retreat  early.  
 I wish that there is  more outdoor  fun that we can do  here in Weirton, unfortunately, there is  very limited to none.  My kids love outdoors so during winter, we try to bring them  somewhere where they can  be active.  I guess that's the price you pay when you live in a small  city.  I don't mind it though, I love a small community, I'd rather live here than in a big city.

 Today, school is cancelled due to storm.   Some parts of West Virginia  has flooding issue due to the continuous rain last night.
Hopefully it is a bit warm on your side of the world and no rain.  It is wet  from our neck of the woods and the  temperature will continue to drop today.  We are suppose to have  a lot of snow fall tonight.  Stay warm everyone!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Reasons Why Maltipoo Is The Right Breed For You

If you’re looking for a new dog, it can be a little overwhelming when there are so many different breeds and crosses to choose from. You might well be tempted to opt for the first dog you fall in love with, but this can be potentially problematic for you, you family and for your new companion. Most dogs, especially pups, are easy to fall in love with yet a pup’s size, appearance and temperament can change wildly as they mature. While the nature vs nurture debate rages on, it’s naive not to expect a dog’s heritage to play a part in its temperament, attitude and skill set regardless of how the animal is raised. 

As such, it’s always prudent to learn a little about the typical characteristics of any given breed whether thoroughbred or a cross, ensuring that they are a good fit for your own temperament, your home, your family and your lifestyle. If, however, you’re looking for a versatile pet that can make any house a home while having an utterly heartbreakingly adorable appearance… Look no further than the Maltipoo. 

What is a Maltipoo?

A Maltipoo is a Maltese terrier cross bred with a Poodle. The result is a delightful little ball of fluff that will melt even the stoniest heart among your family, friends and visitors. Indeed, they’re widely regarded as the “cutest dog ever”. Cuteness, however, can be misleading and there are some breeds like the West Highland Terrier in which a cute appearance can belie a potentially aggressive personality. While the Maltipoo is generally a good and loyal friend, they are also a consummate terrier. They tend to live around 12 years and have an average weight of 10lbs.


The Maltipoo behaves like any other terrier, meaning that they are active and excitable yet they tend to lack the sense of attitude that’s present in other breeds of terrier. They are friendly, good natured and loving… Not to mention playful. They love nothing more than to play with humans and you are likely to run out of steam long before they do, so a Maltipoo should only reside in a patient and giving household. That said, if you’re prone to the blues a Maltipoo never fails to provide a pick-me-up. While they’re great with kids, advise against letting your kids pick up and handle a Maltipoo as they are delicate beasts. 


Maltipoos are intelligent and easy to train. Their diminutive size, even a maltipoo full grown rarely exceeds 10-12 lbs, makes them great for people with limited living space like apartment dwellers. That said, they require a lot of exercise and attention and are not well disposed to being left alone for long periods of time. Maltipoos are often bursting with energy and need to be exercised regularly.


Like most crossbreeds, the Maltipoo’s crossbreed frees it from the inherent health problems that plague its forebears on both sides. While they may be small and delicate they are genetically hardy and tend to lead long, healthy and happy lives. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter Sun Travel Packing Tips for Curvy Girls

It’s winter, and while many people are getting ready to settle down for a few months of hibernation, others are plotting their escape from the dastardly cold. Yes, though there might be something to be said for long marathons of Netflix and those comforting winter foods, it’s hard not get lost in the daydream of jetting away to warmer climates such as Sydney or Florida. 

However, the warm weather can be something of a double-edged sword for curvier girls. On the one hand, it’s always nice to be out in the sun. On the other hand, it can mean showing more skin than we’re usually comfortable showing. Below, we take a look at a few essential style tips that’ll have you looking great and feeling confident.

Source: Pexels.com
Play up to your Size

You’ve got the curves, why not let them shine? You could spend many an hour in front of the mirror, doing your best to try to conceal your body shape, but this isn’t the right attitude. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! There are many dressing style tips for curvy women that you can incorporate into your outfit choices. Learn the tricks, discover your best features, and get to work on putting together an outfit that will make you look fabulous. 

Bringing the Colour

Many people like to wear black as they think it’s a slimming agent. But hey, if you’re jetting off to a sunny destination, then who wants to be wearing black? It’s time to bring the colour and really add to the summer vibes. If you’re wearing an outfit that packs in bags of bright colours, then you’re going to stand out for all the right reasons. The aim is to be your own little ball of sunshine at all times! 

Dress Versatility

Whatever size you are, it’s always important to pack those clothes that are going to bring the style while you’re away. If everyone in Sydney is dressed to the nines, then you should be too. The key is to take those items clothing that can be worn both at the beach and in the evening. Take a look at dress outfit ideas, and you’ll be able to transition from the sunshine to the cocktail bar seamlessly. You don’t want to interrupt the fun by having to go back to your hotel to change, and with a maxi dress, you won’t have to. 

The Accessories

When it comes to summer, it’s all about the accessories, and this is especially the case when it comes to curvier women. To begin, focus on your bra; it’ll help play up your features. If you’re wearing a dress, a belt can also do the same function, too. From there, it’s about fun with your hats, sunglasses, and jewellery. 

Own Your Look

Whatever you pack in the suitcase, it’s important that you add the final touch to your outfit: confidence! It’ll bring everything together neatly, and will make sure you’re able to strut your stuff on the beaches and the bars of your holiday destination.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fall Visit to Sugar Creek, Ohio and the Giant #CuckooClock

"You'll Find Love in Sugarcreek", one of the  Amish-theme  movies that we've watched recently.  It inspired  and sparked the kids interest to  go see  how it's like to be in Sugarcreek during the Fall.  Our neighbor mentioned to us that if we pass Sugarcreek and  go  a little ways, there is another Amish community that is bigger than Sugarcreek that we can explore.  I think we will try to find it next time.
I don't know what it is  in Sugarcreek that we love going back there  all the time.  It is a bit far from where we live but we do enjoy seeing the  countryside so whenever we have time, that's the first place we  want to go.
Fall is beautiful out there I must say.  The  color of the leaves just gives you that relaxing feeling while driving.

There are always people out there in Sugarcreek.  I am thinking that they are  like us who  just want to see the  beauty of the place.
The sight of the horse carriage always excites the kids.  It also reminds me of my paternal grandpa for some reason.  

It wasn't crowded when we  first got there so we took the opportunity to take some pictures.  We have been here  many times but every time, there so many people so we  don't  take  pictures of us but this time, we were able to take a few shots before it got crowded again.
We walked around the area after we shopped at the Swiss Village store.

The giant cuckoo clock is a historical marker of Ohio.  You can read  the  history of it below on the sign.  The cuckoo clock was operating/playing when  we went there so we got the chance to watch it.  I included a short video  of the clock at the end of this post.
It's definitely different and with the little town's Swiss style architecture surrounding the clock, you would say "Oh wow, what a neat feature!"  The history of it is interesting and the show on the hour and the half our is great. 
So what exactly  this cuckoo clock do?  This clock is in the Guinness Book of world records as the largest cuckoo clock in the world.   Every half an  hour the bird "cuckoo's", then the  five piece band beautifully carved was playing as two other figures, a woman and man danced away and when the band's music stopped they all went back in to the clock. It's really entertaining to watch.
We haven't been there in the winter but I heard that  the water feature on this clock is close during those times.  So if you are in Sugarcreek for the first time,  this  cute little gem is a must see. 
Isn't it  exciting when you watch a movie and you see a familiar place that you have been to.  It makes you always  say "I have been there!"  Another movie that we have watched is the Amish Grace.
I love  looking at the  antique store.  All of their  collection always  fascinates me.
Here's a short video of the giant cuckoo clock .
Have a blessed Christmas everybody!

A Visit to Italy May Soon Be On Your Travel Agenda

Are you ready for something truly out of the ordinary? If you are sick and tired of visiting your local park or camp site every single time...

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