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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jolly Roger Amusement Park

 One of the many things we did in Ocean City is explore the the Jolly Roger Amusement Park.  There are different kinds of enjoyable  activities  including  mini golf,  water slides, and many more.  We  went on this for so many times before we came back home.
We even spent my daughter's birthday at Jolly Roger.  It is expensive though.  In every  part of it, you have to pay in order to enjoy it.  Our favorite would be the  splash mountain and the Jungle  Golf.  The park rides wasn't bad as it only cost  $41.18 for the two of them  to get the bands they need in order to enjoy the fun  rides.  Swimming in the ocean is fun but they get tired of it eventually so  this amusement park was a great alternative.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Iron Horse Rail Road at Jolly Roger

With so many rides that the Burritos have tried at Jolly Roger Amusement Park, the Iron Horse Rail Road was their favorite.  We did not go with them but they said that it was a relaxing ride.  
 Hubby and I just waited for them at the train station.  That was the first time we let them ride without us, maybe because we can see where the train is going and we can see  them even from afar.
 My children are a little smaller than their ages so sometimes, their  height  are not qualified for a ride which is always disappointing.
 But  they make the best of  it every chance they get.
It was  my children and I's first time in Ocean City and it's a different  environment  that I have never experienced.  I grew up in  a coastal area  of the country where I came from but  I have never seen  anyone walk around in  swimsuits lol.  In Ocean City, it was a normal thing.  You can see people walking around in a bikini  even on places that is far from the ocean.  It was different but understandable.  

Fun Games Search Result

Good morning world.  I woke up early even though my kids are now on Thanksgiving  if from school.  I cooked breakfast for my husband  as he still has work today, thanks goodness that he is off tomorrow!  I am sitting here  thinking of what fun things my kids and I can do today.  Maybe, we will set up the Christmas tree but then again, it's a No-No for hubby to put the tree up before Thanksgiving so maybe we can do it Friday.  Oh I know, since it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will ask my kids if they want to help me bake some pies today, yay!

Now, let's talk about fun stuff.  Have you ever  tried  playing casino online?  Okay don't worry folks, I don't have any problem on gambling.  The truth to the matter is, I don't know any  gambling games  at all.  I am just in the mood to write about this no deposit casino bonus codes that I read online when I was browsing for some fun games  that my kids and I can play later on.  I am not saying that I would play casino with my kids, it is just one of those  things that popped in the search results when I typed in  fun games.  This  no deposit bonus must be popular things for those who love to play.

Anyhow, if you are looking for something to do  online and you feel like you are lucky to hit  some games, check out the no deposit bonus codes and see which site will suit your liking.  They have listings of online places where you can play  casino of any kind.  Gambling is not my cup of tea but good luck to you!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Military Heroes Project

Sometimes when we go somewhere and I find some interesting information, I would take pictures of it hoping that I would remember to do it at a later date.  The problem  is, I have so many photos that I find it very hard to find the right photo that I am looking for.  Just like this  photos that I took months ago at the Mary H Weir library.  I was planning to contact them about my father in law but I have forgotten all about it and when I was looking for it, I couldn't find it anymore.  Here, Veteran's Day is over and I just now found it.
 I also took a picture of this one since this is something that my daughter would be interested at.  The problem is, it is over already lol.
Oh boy, the price of getting old lol.

Shed Rooftop

It has been known to some close friends that  one of the reasons why we can't easily leave the place where we live right now is the  fact that we have great neighbors here.  My kids love having  set of Ate, Titas, and  Lolo and Lola.  We are so blessed to have a found a place where neighbors care and look out for each other.  
 They get to experience having grandparents nearby who teaches them to do things, fun things like these photos when they get to  climb the roof of the shed lol.
 If our house has the  space that we all need, we won't leave this place because we feel so secure and belong here.
 For now, our need of extra space is outweighed by the kindness of our neighbors.
 All we could do  for now is to expand our   current home by renovating it.

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