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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Silos on the Farm

I love going on a road trip because I get to see the vast farm land.  It somehow remind  me of my childhood seeing the  farm land although it is very modern compared to what  I grew up with in my former country.  One of the many things I love seeing are the big Silos.  Below are some of the photos I took during our trip to Maryland.
Photos were taken  from Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Played Bass in His Younger Age

I would love to see my husband use rock and funk bass again.  I think that if he does it, our son would be motivated  to learn how to strum a guitar or play any instrument.  If only I could afford it, I would buy my husband a bass so he could try to play again just like he did during his  younger years!  That would be an awesome experience for the family if my husband would play again.  We could all jam hehehe.

Jail Time in Curpus Cristi Texas

I hope and pray that this would never happen.  For  fun in photography, it is cool to be in jail hehehe.
The  USS Lexington turned into a tourist attraction is a great idea.  Regular people like us have the chance to see what's inside this humongous ship.  There is  a US submarine near our area too but it's a very small one compared to  the ship in Curpus Cristi, Texas.

Chopped Down the Apple Tree

Last weekend, I encouraged my  husband for us to chop off the dead tree from our backyard as the bird's keep  dropping their waste in my garden.  I hate to take it away fro them but I want abird-poop-free garden.  I am very thankful to our neighbor who helped us  in taking down the three.  He also gave us  a rope that  looks like the ones  you can  get for buyheatshrink's selection.  I am glad it is done as it was driving me crazy.  I must say though that it looks naked now in our back yard lol.  Here are some photos  took.

I am also glad that one of our neighbors   took most of the  branches for their fire pit wood.  Thanks again Don for helping us out!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Here's some salute to all the men and women in uniform who sacrifice  being away from their families in order to serve our country.  Thank you for the freedom.  Freedom is not FREE, lives have been sacrificed  so enjoy it while you can.  Photos were taken last year at USS Lexingon, Cuspus Cristi Texas
Happy 4th of July everyone!

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