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Friday, December 12, 2014

Watching the Sunset in Ocean City

When we were in Ocean City, one of our favorite  afternoon treat  was walking along the boardwalk to eat at our favorite restaurant.  On going back to the hotel, we would  walk at the seashore, chase the seagulls and  finish our walk watching the sunset.
 It was such a fun time for the whole family.
 I mean, who would not love watching the sunset right?  In fact, when I was growing up, we live at a coastal part of the Philippines and my friends and I would watch the sunset  almost everyday and we would talk about what  went on with our days or talk about what we want when we grow up.
 Watching sunset by the sea is just uplifting.  You would want to thank God for the beautiful day.
 For everything that happen, the sun   usually  witnesses what went on with our day but at the end of the day, the sun surrenders.  Human should do the same, we should surrender to God whatever we  have been through everyday and pray that the new day brings  hope and happiness.
 Daddy served as the bowflex for these two Burritos.
 I love to see these three musketeers all smiles.  It makes it  worth that I am always  absent in the pictures but capturing their moment is  a joy in my heart.
I hope that we could do this again soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

When you're ready to Conceive

The photos below were taken during the baby shower that my in-laws organized  for my first pregnancy.  
When you decide you are ready to conceive, it may be time to start making some lifestyle changes. You know there are a lot of things you can't do, eat, or drink once you're pregnant, but did you know you should also change your lifestyle when you're trying to conceive? Put out those cigarettes, pass on that glass of wine, and say goodbye to your cup of coffee. Your body may not always be a temple, and we all have our little indulgences, whether it's a fondness for desserts or a nightly glass of wine. 

But when you begin to plan for a pregnancy, it's time to start thinking about someone else's health besides yours, because what happens to your body happens to your future baby, too. According to the experts at , it's not only drugs, alcohol and smoking that you need to be aware of - habits like junk food and over-exercising can interfere with your ability to conceive and potentially cause harm to your baby as well. So adopt your healthy lifestyle now, well in advance of conception. Begin taking prenatal vitamins while still trying to get pregnant, and get your body in tip-top shape now.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jolly Roger Amusement Park

 One of the many things we did in Ocean City is explore the the Jolly Roger Amusement Park.  There are different kinds of enjoyable  activities  including  mini golf,  water slides, and many more.  We  went on this for so many times before we came back home.
We even spent my daughter's birthday at Jolly Roger.  It is expensive though.  In every  part of it, you have to pay in order to enjoy it.  Our favorite would be the  splash mountain and the Jungle  Golf.  The park rides wasn't bad as it only cost  $41.18 for the two of them  to get the bands they need in order to enjoy the fun  rides.  Swimming in the ocean is fun but they get tired of it eventually so  this amusement park was a great alternative.  

Cool Tips To Help You Have A Perfect Family Vacation

Taking your kids on vacation with you might sound like a dream, but if you fail to plan, it could turn into a nightmare. If it is the first time that you have gone away with your family unit, you need some helpful advice. Vacationing with kids is different to going alone. There are ten times as many things to plan and worry about when you have your children with you. The key to a perfect family vacation is staying calm. The moment you lose your temper, the vacation might as well be over. Here are some cool tips that will help you have a perfect family vacation.

Listen to everyone's ideas

Everyone's ideas are valid. When you are planning your vacation, you need to make sure that you listen to everybody. You never know, your kids might have some interesting ideas about what you can do on your next vacation. Sit down with your family and see what everybody wants to do. Don't ignore people's ideas. If you want your vacation to be special, you need to let everyone have their say in what you do.

Make sure you have space

You will quickly realize that you all need space when you are on vacation. If there are four of you in one small hotel room, you will struggle to enjoy your vacation. The more room you have as a family, the happier you will be on vacation. Look for an apartment online. For example, if you are staying in Paris, sites, such as Housetrip, will allow you to rent an entire home, rather than just a room.

Take a first aid kit

You might not think you will need it, but it is worth having. You know as much as anybody else that children are clumsy by nature. If there is one thing that can ruin your time on vacation, it is one of your kids hurting themselves. Make sure that you always have a first aid kit with you so that you can sort out minor problems. If your children might get travel-sick, you should take some tablets for that too.  

Have a 'no TV' rule

There is nothing worse than going on vacation and wasting the entire time watching TV. You can do that at home. From the moment your break starts, you want to enjoy every second of it. That means forgetting about watching shows on TV and focusing on having fun as a family. Make a 'no TV' rule for you and your kids so that you can enjoy your break instead.

Eat as a family

Sometimes, on vacation, everybody likes to go off and do different things. Your kids might join a kids' club and spend the entire day there, and you might want to go and see the sights. You should make sure that you have some time as a family every single day. Make sure that you always eat together so that you are spending quality time with one another. It is healthy to have time apart, but you want to make some lasting memories together too.

Plan daytime activities

When you have a spare day together, you should make sure that you plan some activities. If you have small children, you will know how easily they can find things boring. You need to make sure that everyone is busy having fun while you are away on vacation. Before you go away, research your destination. Look for fun, family sports that you can try together. If you plan your days, you will find that you can pack more things into them. That way, everyone will get to do what they want.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Iron Horse Rail Road at Jolly Roger

With so many rides that the Burritos have tried at Jolly Roger Amusement Park, the Iron Horse Rail Road was their favorite.  We did not go with them but they said that it was a relaxing ride.  
 Hubby and I just waited for them at the train station.  That was the first time we let them ride without us, maybe because we can see where the train is going and we can see  them even from afar.
 My children are a little smaller than their ages so sometimes, their  height  are not qualified for a ride which is always disappointing.
 But  they make the best of  it every chance they get.
It was  my children and I's first time in Ocean City and it's a different  environment  that I have never experienced.  I grew up in  a coastal area  of the country where I came from but  I have never seen  anyone walk around in  swimsuits lol.  In Ocean City, it was a normal thing.  You can see people walking around in a bikini  even on places that is far from the ocean.  It was different but understandable.  

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