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Saturday, July 16, 2016

5 Long Weekend Getaway Ideas in the U.K. for the Whole Family

Spending weekends with the family is already something to look forward to. However, if you’re looking for ways to spice things up a bit, then taking the rest of the gang to a long weekend getaway is your best option.

In case you’re struggling with ideas, here are 5 of the most exciting and unique experiences you can give your family for their short vacation.

1. Tarzan adventure

If your family is on the hunt for an adventure, then you shouldn’t miss Go Ape in your list. It’s available in 30 different parks and forests in the UK, which means you can book in a location near you or go the extra mile and take the farthest one from your home. Aside from sleeping in campsites, the place also offers zip wires and the thrill of swinging through trees. There’s also zip trekking and a lot of other outdoor adventures, particularly for the kids.
There’s no time limit for the activities, which means you and your family can go at your own pace. In case you’re worrying about your kids’ safety, there are trained instructors around the area that can orient them beforehand.

2. Safari Experience

You can get the Safari experience straight from the UK in The Elephant Lodge in Kent. You can take your kids to watch elephants as well as cheetahs. There’s even a new Dinosaur Forest where your family can enjoy watching the bears.

The tents in the area don’t have full cooking facilities so it’s best if you can bring your electric cool boxes for camping with you. You can load it up with snacks so you won’t have to buy from nearby restaurants. In case you don’t have one yet, you can search online for the best electric cooler reviews so you can get a better idea of your choices.

3. The Farm Life

The Beechenhill Farm is an organic farm that offers good food and quality service. The business is family-run and they allow kids to feed their chickens. Aside from cow-watching, you can also buy organic milk from their dairy farm.

4. Bandwagon

In Somerset, you’ll be able to find a genuine place to stay inside restored gypsy bow-top wagons. Each wagon can accommodate a family of four with the opportunity to visit historical places around the area. There are also donkeys, sheep and chickens that can keep your kids entertained during your stay. Renting the wagons include a day tent, wood burner and some cooking equipment.

5. Treehouse

If you have ever wanted to sleep in a tree house or have your kids experience it, then bringing the whole family to the tree houses in Powys, Wales is a great idea. The place has six different tree houses which are all located in the Welsh mountains.
Although this getaway isn’t really that cheap, the experience your family will get from it is priceless, particularly since it’s an experience away from technology and the busy life of the city.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Future Interior Designer

Oh my goodness, what a busy month for us.  I can't believe it's the last day of June already. We have moved and we are still unpacking.  Before we moved, my daughter  drew some art pieces that she wants to  frame and  display it in her bedroom.  It's amazing  how an 10 years old is so  opinionated about  designs.  She  picked all her bedding and she wants to decorate it by herself.  I am just glad that she didn't ask for some expensive canvas material for her artwork .  She used regular paper and all I have to do is  buy her a frame then we can hang it up.  

I didn't know that there are so many different types of  canvas materials that you can buy.  I love the selection of Italian and Belgian linen over at Sydney Canvas Company.  They are pretty pricey but am sure that professional artists love to use these kinds of  materials for their artworks.  But anyhow, I will show you  my daughter's  bedroom design when it is complete.  We still have to buy her some things  and still have to decorate but once it is done, I will definitely take a picture.  I love what she did on her closet.  I hope that when she  grow up, she still  love  decorating.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Random Things on Road Trips

Whenever we go on a long road trip, I keep myself busy by taking photos of random things.  Sometimes, things that the kids  are pointing out.  Just like this truck full of chicken.  I don't lknow how those chicken breath in there, it looks like everty crate is packed.
Even electric posts makes our  list of interesting things.
Big tires, big cables, or  cool cars are my son's favorite.
The good thing about  going on a roaf tyrip is that, you get to educate your kids with the things that you see on the road.
One of my favorite subkj=j3ect to capture is bridge.
You can hear my son exclaimed "Whoa, those are huge!" when he sees these big tires.
I hope that we can go on a road trip this year.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Consider Using a Linen Hire Service

If you run a business in the food service or hospitality industry, you may be considering using a linen hire service to simplify your operation. A linen hire and laundry service essentially allows you to rent your linens from a provider. The linen hire service is responsible for delivering linens to you and then picking them up to be laundered. The details may vary between services and depending on the needs of your company, but the basic idea is the same.

Most large hotels and restaurants use a linen hire service. However, this doesn't mean that other businesses can't benefit from a linen hire as well. Even if you run a small café or a bed and breakfast, a linen hire service might be a good fit for your business. If you are curious about a linen hire service and whether or not it can work for your business, some initial research will help answer your questions.

The Basics of Linen Hire Service

There are usually many options available in a linen service. Towels, sheets, and robes for hotel rooms are a few examples. Restaurants may use a linen hire for napkins, tablecloths, chef jackets, or tea towels. There are several benefits to a linen hire. You don't have to spend a large amount of money buying a linen inventory, or have professional laundry facilities to wash it. You can change colours of linen when you want a new look in your restaurant. Some services will even let you change the size of your order during busy or slow seasons.

There are usually several options for linen service in your area. You can find them through a web search, which can also give you reviews from previous customers. Recommendations from other clients can help you find a reliable linen hire. Johnsons Stalbridge is one example of a high-quality, reliable linen service. If you're not sure exactly what's included in a linen hire service or if your business is eligible then check out Stalbridge Linen's new FAQs blog post.

Indicators of a High-Quality Service

There are several things to look for when you are considering a linen hire service. You may want to choose a service that doesn't require you to sign a long-term contract, which is a good indication that the company strives to maintain its customer base through excellent service and prices. Additionally, it's wise to choose a company that is upfront about all the pricing so there are no hidden costs in your monthly bill.

Quality control and reliable delivery are other aspects of a good linen hire company. Flexibility is something else to look for, so you can change the items or the quantity of your linen delivery if necessary. Once you find a linen hire service with the features you want, you can work out a delivery schedule that works for you and your business. A linen hire service can help your company operate more efficiently, and allow you to spend more time on your business and less time on details such as laundry.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Why you should spy on SMS of your kids?

Last month, Weirton-Wellsburgh Chapter of Credit Union conducted the annual Anti-Bullying Poster contest for the 5th graders, and I simply loved it. The city mayor was also there and we got to hear some very important (and also appalling) facts and figures about bullying and cyberbullying amongst kids.

Well, I was really concerned with the cyberbullying part, because it’s something that parents can’t take control of without instigating their kids. “Mom, don’t touch my iPad”, says my daughter, whenever I try to peek into her gadget.

While my daughter doesn’t own a smartphone yet, I still find it pertinent that parents get an insight to text bullying. Bullies are no longer restraining to playgrounds to harass their mates, and it’s not limited to verbal or physical bullying. Approximately 9/10 teens have a cell phone, and about 1/5 will probably be victimised through text bullying. Text bullying is also considered far more catastrophic than the traditional bullying. So why not spy on SMS of your kids?

Check out these factors that make text bullying a real issue for the parents.

·       Unlike traditional bullying, text bullying can happen at any time of the day. Kids can feel inescapable of text bullying, because we all know how hard it is to ignore the notification chimes emanating from a cell phone.

·       Text bullying can turn out to be more offensive because the bully can’t see what the bullied person is going through.

·       It can be really frightening for the kids to receive threatening text messages from anonymous people.
·       Teens think that text bullying isn’t traceable and they often engage in such acts because of their wrong perception. Text bullying isn’t anonymous, and teens who get caught can face criminal charges. Parents are encouraged to monitor their kids’ cell phone for this purpose.

·       Kids who are bullied can reciprocate by bullying, making themselves a bully too.

·       Sexting is a criminal offence and is charged under child pornography even if the sender involved a minor.

·       Texting doesn’t end up from where it starts. It can pass around to other people and even to your kids’ potential teacher, or boss and that could largely influence your child’s future.

Text bullying—how bad is it for our kids?
Bullying is never good for the kids, but when it comes to text bullying, it can get real tense. Kids can face all the forms of negative repercussions like:

  • ·       Anxiety
  • ·       Depression
  • ·       Suicidal behavior
  • ·       Violence
  • ·       Social alienation

How to make it stop?
While it’s tempting to take away your child’s cell phone, but doing so can further aggravate their mental health. Bullied kids need support from their parents, and they need to be realised that they aren’t responsible for any of it. Taking your kid’s cell phone would make them believe that you don’t trust them. Kids don’t report text bullying because of the fear of losing their cell phone.  Therefore, as a parent, you need to make some effective moves to deal with text bullying and when you spy on SMS, you largely reduce the possibilities of bullying.
·       Talk to your child about text bullying and discuss why it’s wrong. If your kids have ever been bullied, tell them it’s not their fault and why they shouldn’t keep it from you. Convince them they won’t be penalised or punished.

·       Tell them not to respond to any sort of bullying, but instead report directly to you.
·       Educate your kids about the sexting and its legal effects.
·       Consider having a smartphone contract with your child. This contract, though having no legal value could help you reiterate all the preconditions that you want your child to acquiesce to giving them a cell phone. Forbid text bullying and resort to parental controls to reinforce responsible behavior from your child.

·       There are many parental control apps that you can install onto your child’s cell phone. Some of them have remote control capabilities that could come in really handy while monitoring kids’ cell phone. Though I have not used a parental control app, nor do I endorse one (because my child doesn’t have a cell phone), but I searched over the internet and found out that XNSPY is widely used for teen monitoring.

·       What I liked about the app was that it can be used to spy on SMS, while keeping tabs on many other phone logs like calls, emails, internet browsing, notes, and even contacts.

·       XNSPY can also be used to stop cyberbullying because of its social media monitoring. It can track chats, call logs and multimedia from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many other IM apps.
·       Tell your kids to never let anyone else use their cell phone for texting.

·       If your kid is frequently contacted by anonymous persons, contact your cell phone company and get a new phone number for your child.

·       If your child knows who the bully is, contact the bully’s parents and inform them about what their child is doing. If that doesn’t work, resort to a legal action. 

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