Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hawks Nest Aerial Tramway

If you  are looking for some  wild  and fun outdoor adventures, take the Rt. 60 to Hawks Nest State Park in Ansted West Virginia.  Hawks Nest State Park is nestled in the heart of whitewater rafting country.  If you like that kind of adrenaline rush for fun, then it is the perfect  place for you to explore.   
Hawks Nest State Park is a 270-acre recreational area with a nature museum, aerial tramway, jetboat rides, hiking trails and one of the most challenging whitewater boating waterways in the nation. I love that it has a  31-room lodge that offers luxurious rooms, fine dining and spacious conference and meeting facilities. This  place is not only  great for outdoor fun but  for  assembly or any other kind of big events. 
Hawks Nest State Park is located near Ansted in Fayette County, about 10 miles north of the New River Gorge Bridge.   Hawks Nest is known for its scenic overlook, which provides a bird’s eye view of the rugged New River Gorge National River, as shown in the photo below.

If you want to take a boat ride to see the New River Gorge, you will have to take the aerial tramway.  You can also go down  through the  walking trail if you just want to see the river at the bottom.  It's neat how they set it up.  You can't take the boat ride unless you  take the  aerial tramway, really good business strategy I think.

Our son was very nervous going on the aerial tramway.  This  is not his first time doing it but I think he couldn't remember when we did this in South Korea, he was just  2 years old then.  
I thought it would be fun to record  his experience this time so we will have a document to show him that  there's nothing to be fearful about.  You may watch the video below.
My goal this month is to post at least one article in any of my blogs. I have been neglecting to update a lot of it so I am hoping that I could keep up.  I will be posting the  nature museum next time.  I hope you can learn some things about our  beautiful state through our  road trip experience.  Tune in for the next part of our adventure.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Making Your Ride More Comfortable and Enjoyable to Drive

You may use your utility vehicle primarily for work purposes.  However, it also may come in handy for recreational driving like off-road mudding or racing on gravel roads. 

Regardless of the reason you own and use your UTV, you may want to upgrade it from its standard look and function into a customized ride that suits your particular needs and wants.  You can get gear like Honda Pioneer 1,000 parts, canopies, hitches, and more for it when you shop online today.

Canopies and Enclosures

You do not want to keep your UTV cooped up in the garage or shed on rainy and snowy days.  The vehicle can come in handy for working out on your ranch or farm.  You may need it to haul supplies out into the field and livestock pens where you are working.

Rather than ride in a vehicle that leaves you exposed to the elements, you may want to customize the UTV with a canopy or enclosure that will shield you from the elements.  When you shop on the website, you can find such accessories for all models of UTVs like the 000, Can-Am, John Deere, and others. 

The canopies and enclosures are made from durable materials like plastic and vinyl that will resist the rain and snow while keeping out the wind.  They fit easily over the top of the vehicle and are easily zipped and unzipped, allowing you to climb in and out of them quickly.

The canopies and enclosures also keep the heat generated by the UTV inside the vehicle. When you are out riding around on the range, you may have the heater turned up in the cabin.  Without the covering over the top of the UTV, all of the heat you need to stay warm can escape.  You can keep it inside the cabin and stay warm as you work on the farm or ranch by outfitting the vehicle with an enclosure or canopy.


The UTV that you own may have enough room to pack basic essentials into the back of its cabin.  However, when you need to hook up a wagon or trailer, you may need to add a hitch onto the vehicle.

Rather than outfit it with a hitch designed for a car or truck, you can get customized hitches for UTVs on the website.  The hitches fit onto the back bumper of the vehicle and are built for hauling.  They complement the weight and make of the UTV so that you get the function and convenience you are looking for when you use your vehicle for this purpose.

Other UTV Gear

The website offers a host of other UTV gear for sale so you can customize your vehicle just the way you want it.  You can find everything from speakers for the radio to mirrors and suspension equipment.  Everything you need to make repairs and upgrades to your UTV can be found on the website.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Nature Museum at Hawks Nest Park

Normally, we  do some  research about the place we  plan to visit before going  but whenever it is a  a road trip, we let new discoveries surprise us.  Discovering new things  from places new to us is always a treat when we travel.  The Nature  Museum came as a surprise when we visited Hawks Nest Park.  As we arrived from our aerial tram ride to go see the New River Gorge.  We were surprised to see the Nature Museum by the lake.
    The scenery was breathtaking from the top but it was even better when you go down and see the lake.  The natural  beauty is a real treat for outdoor lovers like us.  
The museum was  surrounded by butterfly bushes and there were butterflies  flying around.  I have always  loved  watching  butterfly flutter around and  enjoy the nectar of the flowers they see.  
When you go down at the bottom, you won't get bored  while waiting for the  boat to arrive and take you for a tour.  There are so many beautiful things to see.
We went inside the museum.  It was a little room full of  displays of different things.  While you look around, an audio is being played describing every item that is inside the museum which is really neat.  There are so many fascinating history to learn when you visit a museum.  Even this little  museum taught us a lot of  stuff. 
Taxidermy display is a popular thing here in West Virginia so the museum has  few of them on their wall.  There are also  some marine   stuff there including the  piece of wood that  a beaver chewed up.  It was real neat  learning  every pice of display that they have.
Fact about West Virginia State Parks:
Many of the West Virginia State Parks were designated state parks because of the history surrounding the area. These historic parks often have an onsite museum with exhibits about local history, mine wars, Appalachian culture, or Civil War artifacts.
I love the display of different kinds of butterfly the most.  Learning the different names of it as well as the different kinds of moth was awesome.
 We saw the train  go by the train track, it was a nice  entertainment for my son.
I think if I live near the area, I would frequent this place.  It would be a relaxing place to cool down, relax and  have some time alone to think and reflect.  Not to mention, it is a beautiful place to burn some calories.  I bet it is beautiful out there now that it is Fall.  The vegetation must be turning  yellow and red already.  I'd love to go back there during the Fall sometime in the future.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Summersville Lake, West Virginia

When we decided to go to New River Gorge, we did not expect  to see other  beautiful spots along the way.  One of the  many attractions that we saw before going to our destination is the Summersville Lake.  
Summersville Lake is a reservoir located in the US state of West Virginia. The lake is formed by a rock-fill dam on the Gauley River, south of Summersville in Nicholas County.
While  driving, we saw a huge  lighthouse and so we stopped there.  It was a camping  ground  that is part of many activities you can do when in Summersville Lake.  Since we are only on our one-day road trip, we  continued to drive to see the lake  after taking a couple of photos of the lighthouse.
Just looking at the vegetation on the way, it makes for a relaxing  trip already.  Seeing the green surrounding is something that I won't get tired of seeing when traveling in our own state.  I have  been to a road trip in southwest and  the  desert-like surrounding is a bit depressing to me although  the rock formation in those areas are beautiful.
On  our way to see the  lake, we stopped at the overlook and watch  the people enjoying  some boat ride for a while.  The view was spectacular.
We stayed there for about ten minutes and enjoy the  fresh  air and  and the beautiful view. 
If we have to go back there again, I would love to go on a boat ride and  enjoy other activities.  I think that you can see  both views from both sides when you travel by boat.
The superb water quality and sheer sandstone cliffs make this place a unique place to visit.   I believe this is West Virginia's largest lake.   Summersville Lake has over 28,000 acres of water and 60 miles of shoreline. 
The list below are some of the favorite activities that visitors can  do in Summersville Lake:
  • Boating, 
  • water-skiing, 
  • swimming, 
  • fishing for large- and smallmouth bass, walleye, panfish, and catfish, (trout are stocked below the dam in the spring and fall) 
  • scuba diving, 
  • picnicking, 
  • hunting, and 
  • biking a
  • Technical rock climbing and whitewater rafting are also available year round

For those who love these outdoor activities, Summersville Lake is definitely a perfect place.
The kids did not  bring their swimwear so we did not stop by at the actual park where you can swim.  There were so many people  swimming that day that we couldn't find a parking spot so after seeing the park, we continued to drive to Hawksnest State Park..  
To continue  sharing our adventure in West Virginia, next post will be the Hawksnest Park where we  went on a boat ride and see the New River Gorge.  I realized that I have been slacking in posting our adventures so I have a  pile of it in my draft already.  So to start my November right, I am  kicking off with this one.  I hope you enjoy seeing the different part of my Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia.

Hawks Nest Aerial Tramway

If you  are looking for some  wild  and fun outdoor adventures, take the Rt. 60 to Hawks Nest State Park in Ansted West Virginia.  Hawks...

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