Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Sketch

A sketch drawn by Ms. Burrito some weeks ago.  Mommy is the biggest among them all lol.  I think I need to  trim down my tummy fats so  Ms. Burrito would draw  my image a little smaller hahahaha.  Just kidding anak, you did great on this one.


  1. WOw I love it.. ang galing ni Ms. Burrito. Cant wait to see Azumi's drawings in the future. Mga shapes pa lang kasi hilig nya gawin, di mo pa nga masabi kung shapes ba talaga.

    Hugs to burritos :) Happy weekend

  2. Great job Rylie! Aaaawww...I can't wait till Maia draws something for me and the family too! :)

  3. nyahaha...sasabihin ko sana Rose na ikaw ang pinakamalaki sa drawing ni ibig sabihin nyan, mas close si Rye sa'yo Rose kesa sa Daddy nya...ang galing mo ms. burrito..hehe

  4. Ang cute, nakasmile lahat pati yong bunny :)

  5. Galing naman good job rylie .. Keep it up!

  6. You really can tell when the kid is happy because she can really family drawing like this, great job Rylie!

  7. kailangan ni mommy mag diet hehehe, ganyan talaga pag nag sketch mas malaki ang babae kasi may saya eh hehe

  8. hehehhe..ang cute! loka talaga tong mommy na ito...ang slim mo kaya sis...baliktad naman kay Akesh...kasi para kaming mga pala...ehehehe!

  9. hahahhaa.. paano nalang ako sis lol... hugs to Ry :)


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