Monday, April 18, 2011


These are cute souvenirs from Chuck e Cheese.  One of those booths  where you sit, put token in the  slot, and it will take your photo.  I like the design because it looks like a personalized credit card hehehe.
As usual Mr. Burrito was making a face on the photo.
Cute souvenirs isn't it? 


  1. nice souvenirs..

  2. cute indeed..:)

    Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday
    Hope You can visit my Yellows at the ff:
    Reaches and Holds
    CDO Mugs
    Forever in Our Hearts

  3. It sounds like Chuckie Cheese is really set up for the enjoyment of children. The next time I drive by one, I am going to have to stop and check it out.

  4. first commenters above are right, your souvenirs are cute and they have color yellow in them.

    ... and here is mine!
    cute yellow plane

  5. cool look like they will make great memories

  6. The souvenirs were nice! I'm following you here. Thanks for the visit!

  7. Ang cute nga, okay lang sa akin basta nandoon pagmumukha ko..haha

  8. we used to go to chucky cheese when my children were young. It was never my favorite place. To loud.

  9. these are nice gifts for keeps!


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