Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bo and Tink + 4!

When we came back here from Korea, my SIL has a female fox terrier named Tinkerbel. Then she bought a male one and they named him Bo. A few months later, Tink got pregnant. I couldn't believe it because Bo was just a pup lol.
Anyhow, above is Tink  a couple of weeks ago when she was due  with her pregnancy.  Below is the  father, Bo.
My SIL thought, she will only  have 1 or 2 pups but no,  Tink gave birth to FOUR!
My SIL put Tink's cage inside her bedroom because she becomes so protective so she growls  at  some of the other dogs.
Here are the cute pups.  They are now one week old!
The Fox Terrier family at my SIL's home.

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  1. Ohhhhhh they are so cute!! I wish I could have one.

  2. they are so cute..lots of fun ahead as they walk and play!

  3. Gotta love a puppy. Can't seem to go look at them without wanting to bring one home.

  4. In my household pets have given birth to fish, gerbils, and kittens but no puppies. I would have preferred the puppies. Lucky you.

  5. daming aso na niyan hehe, mahal pa naman maintenance ng aso ano

  6. the puppies are adorable!

  7. Their house had a sudden population explosion. Good luck to the new and cute dog family.

  8. Oh, very cute - but all those puppies mean a lot of work!

  9. Great shots, such sweeties too. I guess if you don't neuter them quickly then you will get babies. Lovely brood though, thanks for sharing and visiting my blog:)

  10. wow...they are cute, but they must be giving you headache !

  11. So, so cute.

    My Sunday Link:
    Airplane Shadows

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment. Your words are always a special treat for me. Have a great day....

  12. Beautiful shots, they are cute.

  13. There is so much joy when it comes to pups. They are going to get cuter by the days. Soon their eyes will open and they will be crawling all over. I have quite a few photos of puppies in my blog too.

  14. What dear little bundles of joy! There's nothing quite like fresh puppies.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week!

  15. Awww, puppies! I love this pictures ;)


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