Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decor on a Budget

If you still remember the candles that I bought from a yard sale, the here's the continuation. I am not really good in decorating so I created, recreated, then change it again a bunch of times lol..

I used these marbles that  we bought in store and  put it inside the gree bottles which I find in the attic.
I tried to put the candle holders on top of the bottle which by the way  has holes under them and makes it perfect to slide them  on top of the bottles. 
However, hubby said that they looked like angels with wings in front and that they are very tall.  So I tried to remove the red ribbons but they still look hideous lol.  Here's how the bottles looked like at first.  The statue of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus was also bought for a buck at the yard sale where I bought the candles.
I put the two statues in front of the candles but still didn't looked right.
So I then changed it again and settled for this one.  I wrapped around the leaves that I originally  wrapped the bottles into the candle holders.  Then I put Holly in the middle, put the bottles on the other side.  I plan to  buy some small candles to stick in the bottles. 
The Santa with gifts cost $.50, so cheap isn't it?  I bought it in a garage sale long time ago.  The other Santa is a musical one, Dad gave that to the kids.   Thanks to  Mel of Love Home Grown Garden for giving Rylie one of her doll collection (Holly). So there's my decorations that costs $7 only.

Below is a parenting tip from

We’ve got creative crafts that do double-duty, such as this gift wrap made of full-sheet label paper. Pick your favorite project and set aside some time this weekend!
Countdown to Christmas: Crafts, Food & DIY Gifts


  1. So nice of your x-mas decorations,Ate Rose!Di pa naka-up ang x-mas tree namin(T_T)I guess next week na lang,tinamad ako eh lol!

  2. Yes, the last picture of your finished Christmas decor is the best so far. It just take a little imagination and creativity to come up with an inexpensive but impressive Christmas decorations. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. christmas is here na talaga, love your decorations they are pretty.

  4. so final na talaga yan Rose hahahaha..kakatuwa..mukha ngang angel noong una hahaha

  5. You're so creative...

    Hope I can always visit and leave comments in your blogs, Rose :)

  6. ganda and very lively ang mga decorations mo girl I so love it

  7. Late visit here, wow mura talaga ni Santa. Cute ng figurine ni Jesus.. :-) Thanks for another link Ateh.. :-)

  8. Hi Rose, Your Christmas decorations are awesome! You remind me that I should decorate our house too. Waaa. I don't know if we are going to have the real tree this year, the spruce tree at the back of our kitchen has lots of snow in it. 20 degrees F and temperature, brrrrrr. I'm glad to see Holly. :) Xoxoxo

  9. yey, feel na feel na talaga ang Christmas..

  10. Very talented na bading, bilib ako. Idont have time for decorations. galing nang pagkaka put up mo bading pwedi kana mag tayo ng boutique for decorative stuff hehehehe

  11. aawww, Christmas na Christmas na talaga, galing mo magdesign.. :)

  12. ayay! great job takes time to decorate...:)

    musta na? been pretty in...kakaloka...sensya na po at ngayon lang nakabalik...finally my net nadin kami....:)

    blog hop ako nang todo-todo tonight kasi busy na naman ako bukas...have to unpack our junks...baka aabutin ako nito sa new year...ehehehe!

    magkano nga pala yung utang ko woi, para makapagpadala ako nang check before we leave SA...:)

    salamat sa dalaw sa linky love...nakakaloka tong code ko sa top commenter...pede makahingi nang code....thanks!

  13. your decorations are lovely, tokaya. dyan pala tayo nagkaiba. ako kase mahilig sa arts =).

    God bless!

  14. That's a steal sis! I love the Santa with gifts. Who would have thought you got it for 50 cents?

    My RUBY link.

  15. i love all of them. Everything looks so very festive and you did on a budget too...good for you.

    Are you really Liza's sister? I simply adore her!!

    Mine is up and here is the link.

    Happy RT!

  16. so long as your decor pleases ur eyes, then it holds a thousand, the santas and the doll, they're very lovely together.

  17. Excellent post for a Ruby Tuesday.
    Thank you for stopping by Driller's Place.

  18. Your decorations on a budget look wonderful.
    My Ruby Redness


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