Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spray on Fabric Paint Kit

Joining  giveaways and stuff is fun especially if you win lol.  The first  giveaway that I ever win is the tutu giveaway from Keren of Free Pretty Things for you. I was so happy winning that tutu because my little girl really want one. Unfortunately, the blogger who pledged the prize wasn't able to send it to me. 
 Being a very nice woman that Keren is, she sent me some scrapbook materials that my daughter and I can use for our scrap booking project (that would be this Christmas Break).  Although I told her that it is okay if we did not get the tutu because we already bought one, she still sent us something.

She constantly run a giveaway on her blog so when  one of her giveaways has unclaimed prize, she contacted me  and asked if we want the above prize.  My daughter love this kind of stuff so I was thankful that Keren remembered us for this one.

Thanks a lot Keren, you are an awesome angel!  If you guys want to win something, please  drop by at her blog as she has  giveaways all the time.  Just click the link provided above.


  1. She is indeed nice bading. ako noon i won something hindi rin napadala but its okay giveaway lng naman

  2. Bkit hindi napadala Ateh? Ako din nanalo din sa giveaway two times wala din ako natanggap...kaya nawalan ako ng gana sumali sa mga giveaway2 dati..kc hindi manalo-nalo tapos nanalo eh wala naman natanggap. Hehehe Pero ngayon eh join ulit...

  3. sweet of her! that's a cool kit sis...:)

  4. i am SO happy you got it and love it!! i cant wait to see what you make my dear!!!
    Keren !

  5. this is cool! Can't wait to see you do some painting with the kids

  6. Wow, we can create fun t-shirts with this fabric paint kit :)
    Hope you'll share the artworks here, Rose...

    Thanks for dropping by

  7. wow! that is really a nice kit.. perfect for christmas too!

  8. Great post!! I am also your follower now!

  9. That was so nice of Keren to give you an unclaimed prize from her previous giveaway contest. She is one of those people who makes blogging really worthwhile. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. That is such a lovely prize. Congrats!

  11. now you can start a money making business selling exquisite hand painting T-shirts.

  12. Bait naman ni Keren sis... I haven't tried joining a give-away kaya wla ako experience nyan... Maybe someday I will do one..


  13. Thanks for the linky juice bading. adgihopping ako


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