Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On handling Finances

Growing up without money gave me a strong drive to save. When I was in elementary, I always put the 5 cents that mama would give me for my baon in an empty can to save it. When it reached one peso, I gave it back to her and told her to buy me a pack of delimon in tow. She asked me what I need delimon (type of candy) for and I told her that I would sell it to my classmates, I think I was in Grade two then lol.

Then when I was in High school, the teacher that was paying for my boarding house, she always gives me allowance. I asked her how to open a bank account and that's when I started saving a little bit of money. When it comes to being frugal, you can count on me for that. Sometimes my husband would make fun of my "being practical." He is an spender and I am not so there are times that we disagree with spending habit especially when it comes to kids. My mentality is always "do they need those things" and his is different, he always want to give the kids everything they want.

When I first came here, we got I think almost 17k of credit card debts, then I started managing our finances and slowly paying it off. We cut some "wants" and just concentrate on our "needs". Especially that until now my family back home still depend on me. Haizz, life is hard when a lot of people are counting on you. That is why when my youngest sister told me that she wants to quit being a working student, I was pissed. I can only help but you have to help yourself too.

Oh well, before my post go to another topic, I'll end it here lol. I can say that I love me.. financially. 


  1. kaya ka yumayaman mommy rose, masipag na magtabi at magtipid, masipag pa rin sa blogging. pero alam mo ganyan din ako nun bata pa, ang baon ko singko nga lang e kaya lang wala na ako naitatabi pa kasi nga singko lang baon..tuwa na ako nun.

  2. very business-minded ka na, early on pa lang. galing! hihi. kayo pala ni hubby, you balance each other. naks. perfect combination ;)

    see ya next week! :)

  3. Wow naman, bow ako sa yo, Sistah. But guess what, I used to sell "yema" when I was in elementary and high school too. Now I'm being nostalgic tuloy. Hehe. And yes, joining your nostalgic meme is really a nice idea. Join ako dun starting next week. (",)


  4. that is one bicolana attitude siguro. very thrifty and good natured.

  5. Hi Rose, I remember those delimon candies too. Mamera lang nuon yun nung kid pa ako. He, he. Ye, we need to be wise in handling our finances.

  6. You have such a wonderful philosophy in life culled from hard years of learning experience wherein you managed to survive. You brought along that attitude when you got married and settled down in the US. And your husband has benefited from that hard nosed philosophy of yours when you were able to pay off all his credit card debts. I'm sure your children will also learn this hard philosophy of yours in their own lives and also benefit from them. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. God will never give us a trial we can't bear.. most of the time trials are always a test and a way to stretch us, di ba? :)

  8. Kaya mu yan.. ilang blog meron ka.. hahahah! ang yaman mu na nga heheheh! Baka akala nila parang apple lang sa backyard mu ang pera... baka pwedeng ibenta yan sa kanto ...LOL... dropping by Rose...

  9. I am mostly like you ate rose... sabi nga nila, wala na daw kukuripot pa sakin... haha!!! but I don't manage our finances... my share is NOT TO SPEND... hehe... siguro naman I can help by not spending dba?


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