Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blooming or Not.. Still Pretty!

Clematis is one of the many flowers that I love. Not only that they have pretty bloom...

...they are also beautiful after their flowers are gone. Try to look at these last two photos.
don't you agree? They look like wigs hehehe.

Have a nice evening everyone. Thank you very much for your visits. I have to go to bed now because we need to wake up early tomorrow. We will register our daughter to school. Whew, time flies. Our little girl will be officially a school girl tomorrow wahhh.. Good night peeps!


  1. Hi, those are really lovely flowers, I do agree.

  2. yes they are pretty, the last two look like wigs in a comedy show, lol.. I only saw violet flowers in orchids, is that an orchid? good luck sa first day of school.

  3. u are right...they are so pretty

    thanks for your comment

    I travel a lot and only when I come back home I can visit the blogs
    nice day

  4. Oo nga, parang wigs. So cute :) Meron ako nyang blue flower, naka-limotan ko ano ang pangalan, i-research ko pa. hehehe. Good luck in your new school, Rylie!

  5. I love clematis as well Rose and I think their spent blooms are just as lovely.
    I'm smiling at your suggestion of wigs. They do look the tops of heads. :)
    Nice shots!

  6. Aren't they beautiful when they go to seed?

  7. Lovely shots hon! They do look like wigs.

  8. Beautiful shots of the clemantis. I also like the way they look after they finish blooming.

  9. Love clematis too and I agree with you Rose, they still look beautiful even if their flowers are gone. Great photos.

  10. Lovely Clematis. They do look like wigs. Thanks for your visit.

  11. Lovely and also unique, right?

    How's her first day at school?
    Thanks for dropping by...

  12. I almost love their hairy heads even more than their pretty flowers. Nicely presented.

  13. so unique nga hehe.. they're even better off without the flower.. lol


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