Thursday, May 6, 2010

Multi Tasker

The theme for this week's Mommy Moment is motherly advise in connection with the Mother's day Celebration. To all the participants of Mommy Moments and to all the Moms out there, especially the ones reading this, the Mommy Merit Badge is for you! You may post it on your blog, post a photo of you and your kids if you want, and have fun with it. Just give me the link so I can visit you back. Go snag it, you deserve the merit badge!
Hubby took this photo while I was vacuuming our floor the other day. Thanks hon!
Being a Mom, you need to be flexible. You need to learn how to be a multi-tasker so that the job inside the house is not getting piled up. You can do two things at a time like cleaning the floor while running the washing machine. We have two dogs and two very energetic kids, so time management is very important for me to do all the stuff that needs to be done inside the house.

Prioritizing is also an important role in motherhood. I used to play games in a computer when I was single but now that I have two kids, plus tow dogs, I don't have time for those stuff anymore. I'd rather do something else than play games. Below is a parenting tip I got from

Mom, Dad, and Baby all benefit from a daily routine, but finding one that works for everyone is challenging. Try establishing a regimen while your babe is still a newborn. Nursing in the same chair, establishing a bedtime routine, and scheduling regular playtimes are good places to start.
How Routines Help Your Baby

Hope all you Mommies will have a great Mother's day this Sunday. Shy ad I will meet at Raccoon State Park, so if anyone wants to join our picnic, you are welcome to join the fun with us. See you there bakla.
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  1. Lahat yata ng mom is good in multi-tasking!I will surely get that badge and will come back w/ the link. :)

  2. i couldn't agree more with what you have written here, Rose; thanks for sharing your advices :-).

  3. Hi sis! :) I think I really need to start being good at fixing the sleep and play routines of my babies. hehe. Thanks for the tip and the badge! :) Will post that later. :) and HAppy Mom's day in advance!

  4. heheheh sis... expertise na ata natin ang pagmulti task its in our system.

    HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY mommy rose

  5. Every mom is a multitasker...dyan tayo magaling...hahaha! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Flexibility is a good trait every mothers should have. We're not only mothers, we're also doctors, nurses, teachers, friends, etc. to our children, so we should be ready to assume any of those roles anytime. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Wow, nice badge!
    Right, moms' being multi-taskers is a gift from God. Seldom do dads have this kind of talent.
    Happy Mothers' Day, great mom!

  8. Oh i agree too thanks Rose for sharing this...happy mother's day too.

    Mine is here

  9. here's mine pala

    my non-expert advice. thanks for the badge Rose!

  10. yes i agree, i think women generally especially moms are good at multi-tasking.

    pansin ko lang sa states ba lagi nka-shoes kahit sa bahay lang at kahit naglilinis? :D sa movies din kc nakikita ko ganon.

  11. perfect words from a mother like you :)

  12. Nice badge... multi-tasker tlga moms lalo na ang single mom.. ika nga eh.. im the madafader..please visit mine here sweetytots

  13. Happy Mother's Day sau Mommy Rose. Tama ka, minsan eh need nating maging multi tasker para magawa natin ang lahat ng pwede nating gawin para sa ating mga mahal sa buhay..

  14. couldn't agree more! nice post. take your time and enjoy motherhood!

  15. Thanks for the badge! Moms are the greatest multi-taskers :) Enjoy your mom's day celebration!

  16. Happy Mothers day to you! kailangan talaga multitasker tayo .thanks for the nice words

  17. ate rose, kala ko di ako marunong mag multi-task... kaya ko pala... hahaha!!! natututunan ng lahat ng mommies ata talaga... and I also believe in routine... si Alyssa kaya di ako napuyat noon kase alam nya ang sleeping pattern nya...

    I'm gonna grab the badge, and will come back here with the link... thanks so much for sharing!!!

  18. i never knew that i can multi-task until i became a mom!:) thanks for joining us this week..

    sorry for the late visit. my DSL connection has been unstable lately :(


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