Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surgery and Insurance for our Dogs

Both Chelsea and champ will have a surgery tomorrow morning. Champ will get neutered and Chelsea will be spayed .. OUCH. NO more of this.. LOL.. Oppps my blog is suppose to be wholesome hahaha.. I am just giving you some humor here folks, but seriously, they will get surgeries tomorrow at 9 am so we will woke up early and bring them to the Vet which will cost us some hundred bucks so...

We purchased them pet insurance last month in preparation for this surgeries so that the insurance company would at least cover some of the cost. To have them both spayed and neutered would cost to up to probably 500 bucks plus the vaccination so by getting the insurance, we will save a little bit. This is by the way a non-sponsored post, I just thought of sharing the idea. Then after this gets done, we will probably just cancel it, but let's see.

Our dear darling princess, made a banner for our dogs to cheer them up for their surgery. It's a drawing that she made of Champ and Chelsea.

Alrighty folks, have to hit the bed now since I have to get up early tomorrow. Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail with your comments if you may.


  1. ganda talaga ni Rye..and cute ng mga dogs mo Rose, naglalambingan hehehe

    dropping and adgitizing here..

  2. I like people who treats there pets as one of the family member...

  3. hindi masyadong mahal pag-may pets...? dito kasi sobra oj...

    Hello Rose...

    Got an sisterhood award for you hope you like it and grabb it...

    thanks take care and keep in touch..with hugs


  4. kaya wala kaming pets kasi mas mahal yata ang pets kaysa sa anak wahehehe....

    seriously mahal ng pets wala akong datungs

  5. hahhaha..natatawa ako sa dalawa mong aso bakla...ehehehe! ouch...may surgery pala ang dalawa mong sure it heals right away....

    cute naman ng gawa ni rye...very creative...she looks like a filipina on this pic sis...ehhehee!

    anyhow, adgi me muna dito...had a rough day folding clothes...waaa...tapos may paparating na red!

    email ako sau change ko na yung header for John's main blog...

    sige, adgi muna ako...bukas na ako blog hop sa bloggerville...:) mwah!

  6. Grabe pala ang mahal nang surgeries para sa aso at sa kanilang shots. Wow, $ 500 bucks, that's something like less than 25,000 pesos, grabe. Bakit kailangang ipa neuter si Champ at ipa spay si Chelsea, para hindi sila magkaanak? Masakit yung pagpa neuter sa aso. Ang tawag duon sa Tagalog ay kapon at yun ay tinatanggal ang testes nang aso at napakasakit nuon. Siguro ay kinu control nyo lang na huwag dumami ang aso ninyo. Anyway, thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. Waaaaaaa aba itong si chelsea makati hehehe. kakatwa naman nito bading

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  10. Happy FF! Just stopping by to spread a little comment love!


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