Thursday, May 6, 2010


Chelsea love to sit on Rylie's lap whenever we're travelling. She love to sit on her lap because she can look out in the window.
I feel bad though because sometimes, she move around a lot and she scratches her legs. Can you the scratch on her legs?


  1. Ang cute!!!! I love pets too!

  2. inseparable indeed...ehhehehe....ang cute ng dalawa...ehhehehe...kita ko nga yung gasgas sa paa ni rye...trim mo kaya yung nails ni chelsea sis....:)

  3. Nawala na sa eksena si Champ, puro si Chelsea na lang ang nakukunan nang picture, lol. Siya kasi ang paborito ni Rylie. Si EJ yata ang may paborito kay Champ kaya lang dalawang beses na siyang nakakagat kay Rylie at EJ although accidentally lang. Under disciplinary action pa yata, lol. Sige, thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  4. naku kitang kita ang scratch... sayang ang legssss baka di na yan ma qualify sa ms universe lol

  5. i can see it girl, dhemz is right kung pd i trim ang kanyang nails para naman nd ma scratch ang legs ng girl mo na obvious naman na nag eenjoy din talaga


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