Thursday, March 11, 2010


The present that hubby got from the kids and I are three sets of jeans. One of them was a little long so I hemmed it at my FIL's new sewing machine. The only difficulty I had hemming jeans is the thick part of it because it is very hard to sew it hehehe.
Please don't disturb, I am busy lol.
Okay, I am almost done.
Hope your week is great, we have some pretty warm weather so the kids are always outside playing.


  1. I found you on "Friday Follow" and am now following you through Google Friend Connect. I look forward to further exploring your blog. Come on over and visit us when you get a chance. <3

  2. buti ka pa sis, marunong manahi. that's something that i have to learn pa. hehe.

    thank u for the visits. matagal na yung lynn's chic spot ko. mahigit 1 year na rin. (",)


  3. That was so nice of you! Visited you again friend!

  4. ang mananahi bow!....ehehhehe...galing I wish may makina ako...dami ko kasing tahiin!

  5. What a talent bakla heheh. smart na, marunongpasa buhay. swerti talaga ni juan.

    Ako kani si Anggi, ang opicio ko'y pagpanahi. Adlaw ug gabii mag sige lang ug panahi.

    Yan themesong natin bakla pagmanahi tayo hehehe.

  6. Sewing is the hobby that I can never learn, di ko kayang manahi, it's too complicated for me. I will cook, but I will not sew. Buti nga marunong ka, you can save money on alteration fees.

  7. galing naman ni Mama Rose, marunng mag alter ng damit; swerte talaga si John sa yo...very talented, maganda at smart na...san ka pa ba makakakita nun?

    pagkatapos mo yung pants ko naman ha, mahaba kasi laylayan eh , *wink*

  8. Oh how I wish I could machine sew too...I have a trauma, the needle once hit my nail when I was a kid:(


  9. Ang galing naman... I wish I can sew too. Meron nga ako sewing machine dito pero di nagagamit. :-)

  10. Gusto ko ng ganyang sewing machine!!

  11. madami ka tanggap sis? marunong din ako niyan.. hehe..yan ang talent ni mader ko at source of income ni mader kaya for me it is important na me alam din ako kahit pano..

  12. It's great that you know how to sew, ang mahal pa naman nang labor cost dyan sa US. Mahirap nga tahiin yung makapal na parte nang maong dahil sa sobrang tigas. Si Rylie ba ang kumuha nang photo mo habang nagtatahi ka? A lttle more time and she will also learn that craft from you. Very talented kasi at intelligent ang prinsesa mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. ang sweet mo naman ate.. marunong ka ba manahi ng damit? yung mom inlaw naman ng mom ko gusto ako regaluhin ng computer machine.. sana nga regaluhin nya ako.. nice shots =) super busy bee


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