Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Bean Chicken

I woke up early last Monday because my husband had to go to the hospital to do one of the requirement he has for his course. I thought that I would be able to blog while the kids were sleeping but our Internet was acting up so I decided to cook lunch very early.

I remember the black bean mix that I bought in Korea but was never used there so I tried my luck. It was my first time to cook black bean chicken. I thought that hubby wouldn't like it but.
He gave it a two thumbs up. He said "I am proud of you hon." Wohoooo..
Have a good Friday everyone.


  1. Is black beans the same as Tausi? It looks yummy to me!

  2. Nothing beats our husband's approval right?

    Yours really looks yummy!

  3. ayay! 2 thumbs up...bigyan kita ng high five! hehehhee...galing galing mo talagang magluto sis....:)

  4. this definitely looks sooooo yummy!

  5. sa tingin pa lang, masarap na eh; no wonder binigyan ka ni joops ng 2 thumbs up...may recipe ka ba nito, Rose, pahing naman oh, subukan ko ding magluto nito para maiba naman yung chicken na luto ko :-)... puro adobo at menudo or afritada na lang eh, kakasawa na.

  6. Am wondering if there's this pocket of mixed stuff here as just what you had manang kow.. I would love to try it too as I seen that you have it here very delish! yummm~.. can I have some manang kow.. :-)

    Thanks by the way for visiting My Food Trip this Friday. ~hugs~

  7. your husband gave you a 2 thumbs up,Mommy Dhemz gave you a high five then I'll give you an applause!clap,clap,clap!!You did a good job!Looks yummy to me!!!How much more kung habang mainit pa?Buti na lang nasa ere yan lol!Drooled!!^_^

    Enjoy your weekend,Ate Rose!!Nasa bahay lang kami bukas kaya lang busy sa kaa-ayos sa kwarto ni Wakaba--ang hirap ng walang space,baka sa labas na kami matulog maipasok lang ang desk nya sa apartment lol!

  8. I would love to try this one too.

  9. aaayy! tsalap naman kakagutom... gawin ko sis..etry ko..hahhaha!

    thanks for sharing! have a great weekend!

  10. wow, super sweet ni hubby 2 thumbs up talaga. You deserve sis. Thanks for dropin.

  11. I have never tried that before, chicken with tausi. I can't seem to control the saltiness of black beans that what I cooked with it becomes too salty. I've never tasted that dish too although fish fillet with bean curd and black beans is one of my favorite dish. I may try that dish sometime. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. Very tempting Mommy! I was just thinking of new ways to go about my chicken here. Thanks for giving me an idea ;)

  13. syempre cooked with love kaya sobrang nasarapan si Mr. Sweet Smile Joops hehe..

  14. wow, sis, share naman the recipe, hehe.. looks so yummy naman talaga..

  15. aww aww aww!!! those are the sweetest words to hear.. my hubby hasn't voiced out that yet.. but I can feel naman na he's proud of what I do in the kitchen.. pero basta.. inggit parin ako.. I wanna hear that too!!!

  16. Looks good!
    Thank for stopping by my blog and following (Yes, I do hair)
    I also blog about food at and hope you can visit soon :)


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