Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chilly Walk

Yesterday was a little warmer so we took the kids for a walk at my father-in-laws place. We walked four blocks which gave our kids so much exercise. Prior to that, my husband and I went for a walk too when the weather was still frigid, here are some photos. You'll find more of the photos at my Husband's blog.
I love the look of this tree, its bare but still holds its beauty. Do you agree?
This is the river that is separating West Virginia and Ohio. My husband and I love taking a walk on this side because the view is gorgeous.
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  1. I agree kaso nakakatakot tingnan yong tree para bang nasa movies na horror...yong trees na shake hehehe!

    Walking is good for everyone we also do our walk every day to talk and to breath a fresh air after a long day inside....

    nice photos Rose...thanks for sharing...

  2. How great that you could get out and walk with the snow still on the ground...
    That's a great tree!

  3. No hint of spring in your photos, very wintery! I am so ready for spring... we are not there yet, but at least the snow cover is not that thick! Great photos! I can tell how chilly it is.

    ...Sunset echoes

  4. Wow dami pa snow ba sa amin dito wala na warm na kami...Happy watery Wednesday.

    Mine is here

  5. What lovely snow scenes. Walking is something we all need to do more, especially me. However, I could not do it in the snow like your hubby.

  6. Those are lovely snowy shots. However, I'm ready for some warm spring weather at my house. : )

  7. Very pretty pictures! Looks like a nice place to take a walk. Too chilliy for me though!

    ~ Tracy

  8. wow that's a lot of snow! Stay warm! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  9. the view of the last shot is so magical!

  10. Wonderful shots, thanks for sharing.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  11. Probably the weather will be improving soon and spring will just be around the corner. You will probably welcome spring with open arms after experiencing one of the harshest winter in memory. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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