Thursday, March 25, 2010

Max & Ruby

Both of our burritos love watching the show Max & Ruby. Rylie even drew their faces and cut it out. Max & Ruby is a show of two bunny siblings where the eldest (Ruby) try to et the rules on everything that she and her brother Max will do. Rylie would do that to EJ too by telling him "Do this, don't do that " and that kind of stuff which always ends up in disagreement lol.

So here you go guys, Rylie's version of Max & Ruby.


  1. so artistic! great job rye....Akesha loves to watch Max and Ruby everyday.....:) may future artist kana sis!

  2. arts made by little kids talaga, kahit ano pa, nakakatuwa.. i kept some of my kids stuff, and they laugh about pag nakikita nila ngayon..

  3. Ang cute naman ng drawings nila! Mga budding artists talaga mga anak mo!

  4. Cute! Ang galing ng kids...hehehe...

  5. Awww, this is priceless and such talent. My GrandLoves all love Max and Ruby too and it is one of the few educational 'sweets' in their lives.

  6. Very Creative there and I love the blue nose :)

  7. Very cute kiddie art! Encourage your child to draw more ; )
    Hope to see some of their creation here

  8. that's cute!

    anyway sis, kindly update my url pls. from to

    thanks a lot!

  9. Magaling talaga si Rylie sa arts and crafts. Nakakatuwa lang na ginagawa niya kay EJ yung ginagawa nung panganay na rabbit sa nakababatang kapatid na rabbit. Ganun talaga ang mga bata, ginagaya ang mga ginagawa nang matatanda at napapanuod nila sa TV. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  10. he he he ...typical na magkapatid!

  11. your rylie is very artistic manay. kanino nagmana?

  12. haha, kakatuwa naman nila. My Chloe also liked Max & Ruby. She even asked me to buy her books about them.
    Pero galing ng anak mo ha. very creative ;-)

  13. naku pwede ewan ko sandali si andrea dyan since she loves watching... max and beee (that's ruby ok...)

  14. I'm so impressed with their arts!Encourage them to do more!!^_^

  15. Happy Friday Follow.
    I am enjoying your site.

    Have a great day!

  16. Good Morning! Happy Friday Follow on Saturday! Hoppin' when I can. I am your newest Follower!
    Have a super day and come follow my blog!

    The Groschen Goblins

  17. Hi there. Visiting and following from Friday Follow, and so glad you joined in this week! Have a terrific weekend.

    ~ Lynn

  18. Wow ang galing naman, nag ka cut outs si Rylie, si Wrozlie eh mahilig din mag gupit, kaso minsan need siyang i watch out kasi minsan unan ang ginupit gupit, hay..


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