Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got lucky with Online Dating

This March marked the 7th year when my husband and I met for the first time in person. we have dated for 6 months online before he finally decided to see and meet me. He came on my graduate school graduation and that was the most memorable graduation I've had because he was my escort when I took my diploma.

I am so glad that I took the advise of my student assistant before at the office where I used to work. She was the one who told me about online dating when I was so busy writing my thesis. I laughed at her when she told me about it at first. I joke to her to make me a profile thinking that she wouldn't do it but to my surprise she really did and even uploaded a photo of me. What a luck because the day when my free trial was expiring, my husband found my profile.. and the rest is history lol!

Anyhow, online dating is a good way to meet friends or even special someone. You just have to be careful in dealing with people online because a lot of them don't have good intentions. There are some that are genuine but most of them are opportunist.


  1. You are one of the few lucky ones... I love your love story. xoxo

  2. Best kasal lang ata yon Ateh...ano na lang ..hmmm...COngratulations and Have a great life together...hubby and I met online too ..hehehe

  3. hello ROSE,
    ganda na story nyo hehe. At I'm sure ganda ng graduation day mo dahil very special.
    I've also met my hubby online but not in any dating sites. Sa Mirc lang, normal chat, then, we jumped into our YM instead hehe.buti yong sa inyo 6 months lang kasi kayo din naman ang nagkatuluyan. Kami exactly 1 yr bago kami nagmet ng real. Kung alam lang namin na kami lang pala eh di binilisan na hehe.

    Happy for your lucky love.

    thnx for dropping my blog.

  4. you're both lucky i think to have found each other. i followed your love story and i knew how your story bloomed.. you're both meant for each other sis!

  5. Oo nga dapat maging maingat sa pagko communicate sa online dating. Mabuti yung nangyari sa iyo dahil natapat ka sa isang mabuting tao pero hindi lahat na mako contact sa online dating ay may mga magandang intensyon. Doble ingat lang and do not commit before you really know the guy. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. online dating? ano yan? di ko alam yan ah! joke langgggg

    syempre I met the love of my life online too!

  7. I have read some love stories that started online and yours is one of a kind!!You're one lucky woman!!^_^


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