Friday, March 26, 2010

Glorious Sunrise

I woke up early last Tuesday morning and begun cooking breakfast. I open up the blinds in our kitchen window and saw the beautiful sight of sunrise. I told my husband about it and he took a couple of shots. Taken from inside the kitchen by my husband.

I went out in our back porch and took another two shots.

Isn't sunrise signifies hope? looking at the sunrise always makes me dream of something beautiful and worthwhile.


  1. That is a wonderful set of sunrise shots. Lovely clouds.

  2. Beautiful clouds. Great shots.

  3. A very gorgeous sequence. Beautiful. Thanks.

  4. Very pretty. Lots of silver linings in those clouds!

  5. Great series and captures.
    Happy weekend.

  6. These clouds are a great welcome to a brand new day!

  7. I love the look fo that sky bakla. pero this past couple of days palaging umuulan.

  8. Very lovely cloud formation. You've got a lovely view from your kitchen.
    Esp. love the last shot - the sun's coming thru... happy weekend, Ev

  9. Great shots chubskulit, awesome formations. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Woe! Glorious indeed. I love the light behind the clouds! A little bit cold though! You really captured the moment.

  11. ganda ng kuha mo bakla...mine is up as well!

  12. Super shots of amazingly illuminated clouds! Awesome! Thats a perfect title!

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