Tuesday, April 6, 2010

EJ's Guide to Alphabet

EJ is a total opposite to our daughter, I tried teaching him write and read the alphabe t but he is not that patient compared to Rylie. I think he isn't ready yet, but.. he love learning it through this leap frog alphabet guide toy that Ninang Raquel gave him during his birthday.

It's a good toy because it shows how to write the lower and upper case letters It also shows how to draw certain things.

Have a good night everyone. I will be going to sleep early tonight since I did not sleep well last night.


  1. Pareho sila ni jake bakla, you can't really force them to learn your way. They do things at their own pace.

    Si jake heuses Justines computer from leap frog and he is following the letters and numbers too.

  2. just like Akesha....hahahhaha....ayaw nya magsulat...buti pa si rye sis fast learner....ehehehe.....:)

    a quick visit here bakla...blog hop muna ako...mwah!

  3. kaya ka nagmigraine sis kasi kulang ka sa sleep.. sleep well and rest well.. btw, EJ still very much into play. di pa siya ready to do the alphabets kaya ganon. :)

  4. There is so many more ways for our kids to learn today its great.

  5. this is great... pwede pahiram si andrea dyan sa leapfrog mo ej?

  6. Sa age ni EJ ay puro laro pa ang hilig niya kaya nga nagustuhan niya yung regalo sa kanya na nagtuturo nang pagsulat at pagbasa nang alphabet dahil sa kanya ay laro yun at hindi pagaaral. Kaiba talaga sila ni Rylie na napaka advance for her age. Maraming hilig si Rye at mabilis ang kanyang cognitive developments. Si EJ naman ay very serious at talagang puro laro lang ang gusto sa murang gulang niya. Pero paglaki ni EJ ay magpupursige rin yang matuto dahil magiging isang malaking challenge sa kanya ang matuto nang mga bagay bagay. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. nice gift kasi matututo siya ng alphabet at mag drawing na din :-)...have a great weekend!

  8. ya, maybe he's not ready yet sis. cute talaga ng son mo. (",)

  9. He might not be ready yet and you cannot force him now. It will end up loosing interest in learning.

    Yes, toys and games helps to develop interest in learning at early stage.

  10. You cannot force him now. It will result in loosing interest in studies.

    Yes, toys and games helps to develop interest in learning.

  11. nice one...
    looks like he is enjoying it...

  12. wow nice gift from ninang Raquel..buti nalang at nag e-enjoy si EJ mag sulat...happy weekend sis hugs!!

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