Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flowers for you MOM

Now that the flowers are starting to bloom again, am receiving some petals each day from my daughter. After she and her Dad cleaned the truck the other day, she came inside the house and handed me this tiny weeny set of flowers from our garden and said "Flowers for you Mom!" Oh so sweet, thanks so much sweetie!
Thanks Ms. Poody baby for holding it for Mommy!
Have a lovely Monday everyone!


  1. awwwwwwww...so sweet! ganyan din si Akesha....minsan yung tanim kung flowers ang kinukuha...waaaa.....:)

    musta na sis? sensya na po at ngayon lang ako napadpad....sowe talaga...super busy ang buhay ko....lol!

    musta pala ang easter nyo?

    a quick dalaw here...punta muna ako sa other blogs mo....have to do OT today...dami ko na absences sa blog land.....:)


  2. how sweet naman ni rylie..mwaaahh.. sarap di ba ng pakiramdam ng ganyan.. si bunso din napakalambing..

  3. aww! so sweet naman.

    happy easter to you!

  4. How supersweet naman!! Such a nice gesture!

  5. How sweet naman at thoughtful ni Rylie sa iyo. Parang ikaw na sweet at thoughtful din. Eka nga, like mother like daughter, lol. Lumalaki talagang maayos ang mga anak ninyo. Testament sa tamang pagpapalaki ninyo sa kanila. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  6. awwww...ang sweet sweet naman ni Rye Rose...kakainggit

  7. ganyan ata talaga ang mga anak na babae mas sweet sila lalo na sa mommy nila. kamusta na rin? naglalakad lang ng konti para malibang. ingat

  8. AWW SO ADORABLE!! My daughter did that the other day when we went to the park. She took a few flowers off of a tree and gave them to me. LOL


  9. Awwww what a sweet pretty girl, mana sa inang bakla.

  10. She's beautiful and so are the flowers!

  11. Ang sweet talaga ng lil princess mo mommy!!!

  12. Sweet!
    And thanks for visiting my blog~


    Cokie the Cat


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