Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ring Candy

When we were still in Korea, every time we goes to the BX, our burritos would sneak out to the candy section and get this ring suckers or candies. I don't know why they love it because I tried to stuff one of those in my kisser and my jaw hurts lol because it's too big lol..


  1. Yayks ... kalaki ..... we have one katong cane... hehehe!

  2. ayos!

    kaya lang ingat ingat lang sa mga beybi, baka pati yung singsing malunok.

  3. wow ang laki ng ring lol!!I love the color green =)

  4. Pwedi siguro yan ma pawn hehe.

  5. are those real candies, haha..

  6. btw, happy Easter Sunday sis! i think, Saturday night pa ata jan, hehe..

  7. Buti na lang wala dito yan kundi I'm sure ndi ako tatantanan ni Z e sa sira na nga ngipin nya. hehehe

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  8. Yes, it's way too big. It's just like a giant emerald candy ring. Baka nga mamaga ang nguso nang kakain niyan, hehehe, lol. Pero alam mo naman ang mga bata, they like everything big because they can't wait to become big already, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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