Monday, January 11, 2010

Silly Face

My husband is getting anxious to when we can get our car back. It is already in Maryland but we haven't receive any notification that it is ready for pick up. It's a little bit hard for us because whenever we're visiting Dad, we have to make two trips with our truck or my husband would go to Dad's and borrow his car so we can al fit. I hope that we get it soon. We are still trying to find a cheap full coverage car insurance for our vehicles so we could save a little bit.
EJ was making silly faces when we visited Dad last weekend. I asked him to do it again but he overdid it and he looked like screaming lol. He is getting interested in taking pictures too but when you asked him to smile, he won't smile but he would say smile instead. Kids are so funny sometimes. They are the most therapeutic form for parents doesn't it?

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  1. So how many car you have in your house once you get your car bading? daming sasakyan ahh, siguro maka pag drive kana niyan lol.


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