Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Shots

Here are some random photos of our angels.

Jen's daughter, Grace, doing a face while sleeping hehehe.

Rylie with a messy kisser (she just got done eating donut here.

Just got done eating cokies here.

Champ just playing around.

EJ's crossed Presenting the cookie she made.

She look so chubby in this photo.
Dang, it is so cold outside, the snow still falling from up there. I just wish that winbter should end soon. I am not used to this kind of weather and it's killing me lol. All I could do by now is imagine that is summer already and that we are having a getaway in one of the beautiful costa rica resorts plunging the water. We still have 1 and a half or two (correct me if I am wrong) till winter is over. Can't wait for the warm weather to arrived so I can start enjoying outside with my gardening hobby and stuff.


  1. i was about to sleep na pero sumilip ako sa google reader, bukas pa sana ko bloghop at sleepy nko, kaya lang nakita ko update mo and saw this random shots. si rylie in the last photo, yung feature ng face niya sa 'yo pala kamukha mo, hihi.. how pretty! can't wait to see her pag nagdalaga, at bongga, ang ganda niya lalo!

  2. Pretty pretty girl mana sa inang maganda. Bakla binaha na pala ng ss intong etcetera mo akala ko ba fake hehehe. mas madami pa pala iting ss kaysa obstacles lol. good job bading, go go go sa pagyaman, bili tayo ng eroplano lol.

  3. Those are wonderful photos of Jen's daughter, Rylie and also Champ. Yes, it looks like the weather is extremely cold there. Even my Christian friend in India said that there is also a cold spell there and about 250 have already died because of the extreme cold. Anyway, lilipas din yan at hindi mo namamalayan eh spring na pala at magiging tama na ang klima. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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  5. hello Manang Rose, magandang Sabado dyan.. kahit na nag-snow, magandang araw pa rin, o dba? kamusta na ang mga quickies dyan, I mean ang mga boxes, tapos na ba? hinay2x lang ha.. muahh!

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  6. Wonderful photos! The children are beautiful and your puppy is cute too!


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