Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mini Gym

Now that I am done rearranging things and everything are in place, I could start doing my exercise downstairs. For the meantime, I would just take some walking and a little bit of running at our treadmill while hubby goes to school everyday Monday thru Fridays. He promised to assist me and give me Personal Training on our bowflex during Saturday since Sunday is a family day where we usually goes at my FIL's house.
Here's our mini gym down at the basement. Our treadmill is still folded hahaha, so obvious that I haven't touch it yet. Let's see if I could start this week. Looking at our basement makes me happy because it was so filthy when we first bought it with the asbestos tiles in it. Hubby and I remodeled it by ourselves. I learned how to put tiles and grout on top of the old tiles.


  1. Buti pa kayo bakla may exercise equipments diya, pa sexy ka bading para masundan si EJ lol.

    Galing naman ng badingding na ito palaging may red words sa mga post heheh hindi yata nauubusan ng opps.

  2. Now that you have your own mini gym in your basement, the more you can exercise to keep a trim and sexy body. Of course, the best exercise is still the outdoor type where you can jog or do brisk walking for free. These exercises are good for the heart and they keep your body in good shape. But it's better to have a companion when you jug or do brisk walking outdoors. You can count on Champ to keep you company and even enjoy doing it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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