Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Trip to the Amish Land in Sugarcreek

Last summer, we drove to Sugarcreek to  let the kids see how Amish community are.  It was an exciting trip for e too since i have never been to any amish community.  It was my kiids and I's first time visiting.  My husbnd has been there  long time  ago when he was still a kid.  
 We were very anxious to get there because  really want to see  how  things are in the amish  community.
 We went to see the  very old   amish house beore we went to the  town.
 It is so neat to be able to look around a vast area of  farm.   I always tell my husband that I would love to live in a farm someday.
 It was quite a long drive from our place but it was worth it.
 We turned around a couple of times because wqe got lost (despote having a GPS, lol) but we eventually found what we were looking for.
 I was standing at the yard of the oldest  amish house when I took the last  photo below.
I will share the  photos I took inside the  amish house on the next post.  It is so neat to see things that they used back then and things that they are  still using till now.  There were two old amish couple who entertained us  when we came.  

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