Friday, December 18, 2015

​​Protecting Your Pet from the Dangers of the Holiday Season

If you own a pet, you know that they are an important part of the family. During the holiday season, you want to integrate them into your daily activities. Unfortunately, while certain foods and decorations may be a tradition in your household, they could pose a potential hazard to your pet.

Holiday Decorations

Animals are a wonderful addition to the family home. In addition to making your children happier, the beautiful creatures can also teach them the joys of unconditional love. When you’re preparing for the holiday season, ornaments, tinsel and other holiday decorations can be especially attractive to your pet. Whether they see them as a toy or edible treat, you want to prevent a disaster from occurring. Tinsel isn’t toxic, but if ingested, it could bunch and twist around your pet’s intestine. Glass and aluminum ornaments can also wreak havoc with your pet’s health if they are accidentally swallowed or stepped on. In addition to finding safer decorating alternatives for adorning your holiday tree, you could also place the decorations at a higher level and out of reach of your pet.

Candles and Lights

Today’s animal shelters are filled with an assortment of animals ready for a loving home. When you’re ready to make the move to add to your family, do your research beforehand to ensure that you have the ideal pet for your lifestyle. Dedicated individuals such as Chris Havlicek realize the importance of giving back to the community. Whether you volunteer your time, adopt a dog or cat in need or make a monetary donation, your work through a charitable organization can make your neighborhood a stronger and loving environment for your children to grow up in. In addition to love, your pet is going to need proper health care, food and a safe environment to reside in. You can ensure your pet’s safety by protecting them from holiday candles and lights. If your pet enjoys chewing, electrical cords, they should be kept out of reach. Instead of lit candles with flames, today’s battery operated luminary candles are just as beautiful and much safer for homes with pets. 

Christmas Trees and Stands

Whether you prefer a real or fake tree, you want to ensure that it’s secure in the tree stand. You also want to select a location that your dog or can’t won’t have easy access to. A dog trainer can prove beneficial in helping to set room boundaries if your pet interferes with the tree, and its decorations. Tree needles both real and fake can prove toxic if your pet ingests the items. A spray bottle can help deter them if they start to chew on the braches or needles. Holly, mistletoe and poinsettias are other toxic plants that are dangerous if ingested. If you have to have them in your home, keep them out of reach of your pet.

Wrapping Paper and Ribbon

Bows and ribbons may look cute on your cat and dog, but they could present a dangerous choking hazard. When you’re opening presents during the holidays, dispose of your unwanted wrapping paper, ribbons and boxes carefully to ensure that they don’t become ingested. Nothing could damper your holiday spirit more than a trip to the veterinary emergency clinic. If your pet does put something that they shouldn’t in their mouth, you can entice them with their favorite treat to get them to drop the item.

Food and Treats

Food and treats are delectable staples of the holiday season. Unfortunately, people food can prove hazardous to your pets. Chocolate, nuts and bones are all dangerous and could cause a host of problems. If you want to spoil your pet, you can make a special trip to your pet store to stock up on their favorite snacks. However, to prevent diarrhea and vomiting, you want to keep the treats to a minimum.

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