Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Glimpse of Japan

I took these photos when we were landing in Japan for our connecting flight to Detroit. We did not have much time at the airport so I took the opportunity to get some remembrance by taking pictures while still on the plane.
Those are the only memories that would remember Japan for. We had such a hard time checking in because we have to asked them to put us together in one row. All of the passengers were boarded except us. Having connecting flights is very difficult especially if you are travelling with kids. But on military orders, there's nothing you can do but to take whatever they give you. I am just glad that my kids a real trooper, they handled the long flights very well.


  1. Thanks for that glimpse of Japan!

  2. Very nice ang japan bakla and clean pa. I've been there 2005. At yung flight ko rin coming here connected din sa japan. kakaconfuse airport nila minsan tapos layo pa.

  3. You were flying into Narita International Airport! I recognize the scene so vividly...I have been in that airspace several times! Japan is an amazingly beautiful place! I hope you can return someday and stay awhile!

  4. great photos sis....balang araw maka balik din kau don....ehhehehe...:) hubby don't want to visit japan...he have been there for a few times...gusto ko pa naman....:)

  5. Yep, I totally understand how military works!!

    My Wednesday post is published. Do come by if you get a's all Gulf Waters today. Found HERE

  6. Sayang,hanggang narita lang ang nakita mo.
    di mo man lang nasilip ang tunay na kagandahan ng japan.

    sana balang araw,makapasyal ka naman,para sa iyo at sa mga anak mo.

  7. Well, I made my first visits to you and your husband's blogs today. As I told him, you have a lovely family.

    I'm happy that even though it was just a glimpse of Japan, it included the beach and I just love beaches!

  8. I'm glad that all went well on your fights in terms of your kids behaving for you. I can't imagine what it would be like trying to travel on military orders with young children, but I salute you for being such a sport! :-)

    Glad to get a glimpse of the coast of Japan. It's a place I would like to visit someday.

    Happy Outdoor Wed!


    Sheila :-)

  9. I'm glad the long trip is over for you, Rose. The pictures are terrific. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday and enjoy the holidays ahead.

  10. Thanks so much for taking us on your adventure!

    I just read your sweet comment at my blog-- the Blue photo was just a wee bit "brightened." when I take snow pictures outside early in the morning ...they all seem to have a blue tint to them.

    Thanks for stopping... i have become one of your followers :)


  11. Who would ever know I'd be visiting Japan today. Thanks for the tour.

  12. Talagang photo addict ka Rose,hehehe, lol. Pati sa loob ng eroplano ay nagawa mong kumuha ng picture ng landscape sa Japan, lol. Sabagay ang mga litrato ang most effective means of communications dahil self explanatory na ito. Madaming naging hassles nyo sa paglipad patungo sa home nyo sa West Virginia. Okay naman at nakaraos kayo nang matiwasay. Praise the Lord for that. Thanks sa post. God bless you all always.

  13. I have been to Japan. Looks like Narita that you were landing in!
    My granddaughters are part Japanese.

    Nuts in May


  15. It looks pretty flat in Japan. Not many mountains. Nice to have some pictures. My son was there earlier in the year and he really loved it although it was so expensive. Long flights with small kids is so difficult! Hope you are having a good week! Sherri@lavenderfields

  16. Traveling with kids on connecting flights is never easy. Glad you arrived OK and thanks for the glimpse of your tour. Glad you stopped by my blog today too. I love hearing from everyone.

  17. Thanks for sharing.

    Salamat naman at maayos kayong nakabalik sa US.

    Nagwork dati ang hubby ko sa Fujitsi sa Yokohoma and Niigata. Beautiful talaga ang Japan sis.

  18. Good for your kids for being troopers! It can be long sometimes! I have not yet been to Asia but I know one day I will go. I wish to see my children's birth country and also some of the nieghboring countries. I hope people were considerate and moved so you and your children could at least sit together. Sometimes other passengers make such a big deal about that.
    Best wishes at your new post/base.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog-

  19. Bakla bakit walang masyadong update na dito, basta talga malamig ano, hindi na nakakapaglakwatsa, kami rin parang mga priso na. quick visit lng bakla before going bedy bye bye

  20. They should have at least given you some considerations momskie since you have kids. In some airlines/airports, those who are traveling with kids and those who are already old are given the priorities.

    But it is good that you are always picture ready hehehe... At least you were able to take a glimpse of Japan ;)

  21. Lovely shots of Japan, it's sometimes tough travelling especially with little ones, ours are grown up now. We spent time in Tokyo in 2007, we loved it there, hope you get to return and see some of Japan it's amazing. Kathy.

  22. wow, galing! kahit sa airplane, galing mga shots mo! And also your kids, comfortable na rin sila sa long and connecting trip.

  23. welcome to japan.. may next time pa naman =) ang haba ng byahe nyo, i could imagine how exhausted the kids were. But you're lucky. They never gave you a hard time.

  24. My son and his beautiful Japanese wife live in Yokohama. He's not real good at sending me photos, so I enjoyed the glimpse you've shared!


  25. My daughter has been begging us to let her go to Japan. This would be the trip of a lifetime for her.
    Glad you survived the flight! It's tough with kids.

  26. Hi
    These are great pictures you took out of the airplane windows! I doubt I will ever get to Japan so thanks for your photos!
    Also thanks for stopping by and saying 'hi' on Outdoor Wednesday!


  27. I love airplane window pics. Looks like a fun trip. I'd love to go there someday!


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