Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Malware on Paying Post Code.. Entrecard.. birthdays.etc.

I am currently using my FIL's PC while we are staying at his house to celebrate the holidays. His PC has a strong detection for adware and malware so I am having a hard time visiting the blogs with the code from Paying Post because this PC detected a malware from the Paying Post code. So guys, if you happen to have a code with the said Scammers, I apologize if I am not be able to visit you. But I suggest that if you no longer write for them, (which I hope you are not anymore) please do delete that code as it contains malware.

On the lighter note, I am happy that I am able to drop some ECs using this PC because our PC has a prblem with EC. I also would like to thank Dhemz for sending me and my husband a total of 11,000 EC credits. Luvya Manang ko, you really are an angel.
The Dias Family Spot

My brother Rick and friends Raquel and Gail are celebrating their birthdays this month.. Happy happy birthday to all of you guys. May God bless you and grant your wishes!
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  1. woi happy birthday pala sa lil bro mo sis and to your close friend.....ano regalo mo sa bro mo...ehhehehe....:)

    woi, bat nasali ako dito...kakatuwa naman to....don't mention it...utang ko yan sau woi....remember dati...you sent all your EC credits...lol!

    great post sis....loka talaga tong PP...mandadaya...lol!

    have a great day ahead sis...mwah...thanks for linking me here....:)

  2. Thank you so much for stopping the blog. I so glad to hear from you. I enjoy writing the blog to encourage women in the fine art of Christian mothering. Please stop by again and leave me a note when you do.


  3. i no longer write for them but I didnt care deleting the paying post code, good thing you told me about it thanks so much girl

  4. happy birthday to your brother!!!

  5. happy birthday to your brother!!!

  6. happy birthday to your brother!!!

  7. That's scary about the malware. I've heard it could be worse than even viruses. Happy birthday to Rick and Raquel. Hope all has been well. Have a good week :)

  8. Bait talaga itong si tsang dhemz. Walang katulad.

    Thanks nga pala bakla for telling me about the PP, yon pala dahilan kaya isang visitor ko sa Worths road nag email sa akin na hindi siya makapasok, kasi sa malware na yan. thanks bakla.

    Happy Birthday to your Bro and friends bakla, daming nag birthday ahh.

  9. Hi Rose..muahhhh..miss you.

    nyahaha you were right, pag lumalaki ang mga anak, lumalaki din ang gastos nyahaha. pero totoo nakaka miss yong maliliit pa sila...

    Anyway, yong payingpost reviews ko, di ko pa nade-delete, tsaka naka limutan ko na kung ano ang mga yon..papaano ko ba ma trace yon Rose..punta kaya ako doon sa PP din hanapin ko yong mga na review ko sa kanila....hehehe

    Yah, champion yan si Dhemz...laging handa sa pag tulong..lam mo bang si Dhemz ang takbuhan ko sa lahat Rose, like coding, submitting opps from SS and PPP..kaya love ko yang Dhemz na yan hehehe.

    oi TY sa comment hahaha ang aga nyong tatlo, your hubby, Tsang Shydub and you.. di ba kayo natutlog ng maaga?? hahaha.


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